Deferred Admission Status

Deferred Admission Policies

  1. Students who have been approved for deferred admission must submit a tuition deposit by August 1.
  2. Deferred admission may be requested by traditional first-year students for up to two years or four semesters.
  3. Students who have been approved for deferred admission must submit a final official high school transcript certifying graduation by August 1. Deferrals are conditioned upon the successful completion of all senior courses.
  4. During the deferral period, students may not take any college courses. Enrollment in any college courses, even if not completed, will nullify the deferral and the student will forfeit the tuition deposit. If the student wishes to return to Westminster College after enrolling at another higher education institution, they will have to apply as a transfer student.
  5. Upon planning to enroll, please contact the office of admissions to activate your account so you can move forward with registration. It’s recommended that you contact admissions at least three months prior to the semester start date. You will not need to pay a new tuition deposit. The tuition deposit you previously paid will be applied.
  6. Admission to the Westminster Honors Program may be deferred on a case-by-case basis.
  7. The following merit scholarships are automatically deferred for any student who is approved for deferred admission status:
  • Westminster Presidential Scholarship
  • Westminster Dean’s Scholarship
  • Westminster New Scholar Scholarship
  1. Other scholarships, such as athletic, music, and theatre scholarships cannot be deferred. Students may request to be considered for these scholarships upon re-applying for admission.
  2. Need-based financial aid that is awarded based on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) cannot be deferred.
  3. Students should complete a new FAFSA form upon reapplying for admission.

Apply for Deferred Admission