Converse Hall in Front of the Wasatch Mountains

Westminster Weekend

Westminster Weekend is an annual event held on campus, giving alumni an opportunity to catch up with peers and faculty while enjoying some of what makes Westminster unique. The 2018 Westminster Weekend is also open to all who are attending the presidential inauguration.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

11:30 a.m. Westminster Weekend Festivities | Richer Commons

1:00 p.m. Westminster Mutt Show | Richer Commons

This tongue-in-cheek take on the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is a fun and playful way for the whole family to enjoy Westminster Weekend and inauguration festivities. Show off your crowd-friendly, well-behaved pup at the Westminster College Mutt Show. Maybe your pooch will be top dog in the categories of Best Dressed, Best School Spirit, Best Trick, or Best Pet/Owner Look-a-like.

2:30–5:45 p.m. Classes without Quizzes | Classrooms

Get back in the classroom and remember what it was like to learn from some of the best professors around—without the pressure of grades! Enjoy these condensed courses, handpicked specially for our alumni.

2:30–4:00 p.m. Session One

Coffee in History and Society | Professor Gary Marquardt | Dick 102

Joe, java, or jet fuel. Whatever you call it, coffee has occupied a privileged and, often, controversial place in human history since its discovery in Ethiopia hundreds of years ago. Learn about coffee's origins, global dissemination, and rise to prominence. Sample delicious coffee from some of the earliest historical locations, such as Yemen, Ethiopia, Indonesia, or Haiti.

What Great Brands Do | Professor Nancy Panos Schmitt | Gore 134

This course will examine what successful companies do to distinguish their brands. Strategic brand building is critical today as competition intensifies and consumers are savvier than ever. Company reality and brand image must be aligned. The focus of this course examines how to build an integrative brand strategy using eight principles.

Paranormal in Utah and Beyond | Professor Gretchen Siegler | Dick 103

Explore paranormal phenomena through the lens of anthropology both within American culture and cross-culturally. This includes the study of how they function in societies to reduce conflict, explain the unexplainable, promote the status quo, and demonize "the other."

4:15–5:45 p.m. Session Two

Diversity Thru Hip Hop Lens | Karnell McConnell-Black | Dick 109

Each year hip hop is responsible for pumping millions of dollars into the American economy; as a result, it has influenced our perceptions of others. This course will challenge you to think critically about diversity and hip hop and its place and influence on society. We’ll also examine how hip hop artists create meaning in their work.

The Science of Food and Drink | Professor Robyn Hyde | Meldrum 120

Food and drink are central to living, and this culinary course takes a chemistry approach to the study of how different foods and drinks are created. You will learn fundamental principles of chemistry and then use them to create biscuits and gravy in this special version of the class.

Women Warriors | Christie Fox | Dick 103

Explore the phenomenon of women warriors—strong female characters in literature and (popular) culture. We will interrogate the existence and persistence of the woman warrior and juxtapose her with the "traditional" male warrior. This course will give you an increased appreciation for and depth of understanding of women warriors across time and cultures.

Alumni are also invited to attend the inauguration of Westminster College's 19th president, Dr. Bethami Dobkin, Sept. 28–29, 2018.