Preparing Your Learning Objectives

Your learning objectives will

  • Describe what you will be doing and learning during your internship
  • Provide 3 to 5 objectives for the semester that are specific to your internship
  • Detail measurable, reasonable, and specific objectives
  • Be decided upon by you, your site supervisor, and your faculty internship coordinator

When registering for your internship you will be asked for 2 items

  1. A description of your internship
  2. Measurable, reasonable, and specific objectives for your internship

It will work best to prepare these ahead of the registration process and copy and paste each item when requested.

An example of what to prepare would be


The proposed internship will be with the Information Technology (IT) Department at Spark Strategic Ideas. Spark is a local marketing company with a national customer base. I currently work in the busy IT Department of about 10 employees, however the proposed internship is not a part of my current role. My assignment will be to design a skills-based assessment tool to evaluate employee performance in various positions in the department. This new project will allow me to gain assessment tool design skills and experience an understanding of Human Resource management procedures pertaining to IT professionals.

Measurable, reasonable, and specific objectives

  1. Evaluate each job description in the IT Department and assign appropriate responsibilities and tasks for each position.
  2. Develop a skills-based incentive and assessment program for consideration of promotions and raises.
  3. Determine a fair and effective method to evaluate employees to see when certain skill levels have been met or exceptional work produced.
  4. Document the process and give a management presentation on the new skills-based assessment tool