Explore Career Options

Whether you are unsure about which direction your career path will take, want to confirm a career decision you have already made, or anywhere in between, the Career Center can help. We have resources available to you which can provide:

  • A place to start—who you are; what you would find satisfying to do for work and career; and what are your interests, strengths, and values.
  • A direction to head in—what academic major and career paths you would like to explore as well as learning more about those options to see if they are a fit for you.
  • A plan of action—help clearly define steps you can take to prepare for your career, encourage your choices, and research additional options.
  • A way to navigate—help coach you through your chosen route during your academic career and as you move through the events and experiences of your life.

We will also connect you to additional resources such as books, major and occupational research tools, and mentoring resources to focus your investigation of college major and career options that appeal to you.

We are all about helping you to discover, plan, and take action so you can move ahead with finding career options that help make for a satisfying professional and personal life.

Career coaching and assessment is available to all Westminster students and alums for a lifetime. Call us at 801.832.2590 to schedule an appointment and get started on Handshake, our job/internship site.

Career Assessments offered by the career center