Corporate Partners

Connecting Your Business to the Westminster Network

Problem Solving. Communication. Critical Thinking. Adaptability.

These are the skills 21st century employers need in their workforce. At Westminster, we’ve tailored our educational paradigm to meet those needs.

For over a century, Westminster College has provided transformational learning experiences for students. Now, Westminster is faced with the unique challenge of engaging its business community in the lives and learning of our students. Recruiting new students, fundraising for student learning initiatives, student internships, job placement, and alumni engagement are all necessary components to facilitate a high-impact Westminster experience.

Individually, many departments across campus have worked to alleviate the burden of these challenges on the institution. Never before have these departments come together for an integrated approach to business engagement.

Enter: The Corporate Partnership Program

Westminster College is pleased to offer corporate partnerships to engage and enhance your business. To encourage and create a mutually beneficial relationship, we seek to create value for your organization by taking advantage of the multitude of benefits Westminster has to offer your business.

Become a Corporate Partner

A Unique Approach to Partnerships

At Westminster, we are celebrated for our ability to educate the whole person. Our students are not “numbers”, and we treat each student as an individual, working to meet each person’s unique educational needs.

We want to bring that same approach to your business.

We have the ability to tailor our partnership with your business to meet your particular needs. Would you like to focus on specific skills training for your workforce? We can do that. Would a tuition benefit package help to provide financial relief to allow your employees to further – or complete – their degrees? Let’s talk. Would you like to direct your corporate philanthropy to creating a better community? We can show you specific, meaningful opportunities to give. Moreover, we have smart, qualified, and positive students and graduates who are able to meet your needs for internships and a strong workforce.

We'd like to work with you.

How to Get Involved

1. Browse the benefits of Westminster partnerships

2. Decide what elements are best for your business

3. Contact your relationship manager or the Office of Integrative & Community-Based Learning at (801) 832-2880

4. Schedule a meeting with our team to discuss the opportunities

Together, we can make a difference.
Let's get to work.


No matter which of our more than 50 undergraduate programs or 13 graduate programs you choose, you will learn in an environment that values participation and collaboration. Whatever career you are pursuing, Westminster will prepare you for success.

What We Offer

Graduate Programs

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) with optional specializations in Accounting and Entrepreneurship
  • MBA in Technology Management
  • Project-based MBA (online)
  • Master of Accountancy
  • Master of Professional Communication
  • Master of Strategic Communication (online)
  • Master of Arts in Community Leadership
  • Master of Education with optional specialization in Adult Learning/Corporate Training

Additional graduate programs in:

  • Teaching
  • Public Health
  • Nursing
  • Mental Health Counseling

Corporate and Campus Visits

The admissions team is available to come to your office, provide lunch, and offer various opportunities for your employees to learn about graduate education options at Westminster. We are also able to customize on-campus visits and information sessions for your employees. For additional information on these opportunities, please contact your relationship manager.

The Westminster Alumni Program is committed to partnering with organizations to develop unique ways to offer continuing education, professional development, and networking opportunities to Westminster Alumni and current students employed at your organization.

What We Offer

Westminster in the Workplace

An employee resource group for Westminster Alumni and students. At Westminster, we believe people grow and learn from interacting with each other. A Westminster employee resource group allows graduates and/or students working in your organization to come together once a month to share ideas, collaborate, and mentor and coach each other. The Westminster Alumni Employee Resource Group has guided discussions and practicum, but can be tailored to the needs of your organization and your Westminster alumni employees.

Alumni/Employee & Faculty Reception

The Westminster community is close and word spread quickly about great organizations to work and intern for. An Alumni/Employee and Faculty Reception is an opportunity to bring Westminster faculty to your organization for a tour and discussion about your unique needs for an educated workforce, and Westminster’s curriculum and learning goals. This is followed by a reception where your HR team, management, and Westminster faculty are joined by your Westminster College Alumni employees. Faculty will see the success of their former students. Student will see the faculty who impacted their success, and both can work to enhance and strengthen the brands and partnership of our organizations. This also gives faculty an opportunity to refer current students or other alumni to your alumni employees for informational interviews.

The Career Resource Center connects students to jobs, internships, graduate programs, and other opportunities. Westminster’s Career Center offers many services for alumni: networking, career coaching, mock interviews and more.

What We Offer

Job/Internship Posting Announcements

Email or post directly – simple to use
Free one-month posting
Additional digital and print distribution of posting titles
100% of students have access (undergraduate, graduate, and alumni)
1000+ active student users
10,000 student and alumni logins per year
4,000+ employer postings per year


Post internships for fall, spring or summer
Consulting and online resources available for starting or reviewing an internship program
Faculty and College oversight for student learning
250+ Westminster students intern each year
Employers rate/grade/evaluate Westminster interns at 4.57 on 5.00 scale

On-Campus Recruiting

PT/Entry-Level: Shaw Student Center Table
FT/Internships: Employer Partner Recruiting Program
Campus Branding and Promotion
Conversations with Faculty
Opportunities for Field/Industry spotlight
On-Campus Interviews or Targeted Application Collection
Westminster Profile (majors, enrollment, honors)

Westminster Career Center Memberships and Affiliations

National Association of Colleges and Employers
National Career Development Association
American Association for Employment in Education
Mountain Pacific Association of Colleges and Employers
Utah Association for Employment in Education
Wasatch Employers Network
Utah Association of Career Educators
Intermountain MBA Consortium

The Office of Community Relations at Westminster College is dedicated to strengthening relationships between Westminster students, faculty, staff and members of our community to achieve mutual success. By engaging community members in Westminster affairs; engaging students, staff, and faculty into the Sugar House area; and working together toward common goals, the Office of Community Relations hopes to create meaningful bonds and growth between our campus and community.

What We Offer

Student Consultant Program

Local businesses and nonprofits in the Sugar House and Salt Lake City area are welcome to apply for the Westminster College Student Consultant Program. The program provides the business with a student consultant who completes meaningful work for the business. Students complete a final report and recommendations in areas such as marketing, strategic planning, business plans, financial analyses, event strategies, and more.

Sugar House Chamber of Commerce

Westminster College works closely with the Sugar House Chamber to provide business services to local Sugar House businesses. These services include marketing, outreach, and promotion to the local community and news agencies through social media, press releases, website advertisements, and more. The Chamber also hosts events to build community and promote local business, such as the Sugar House Arts Festival and quarterly Sugar House networking events.

The Corporate Relations Department has many opportunities for businesses to partner with Westminster College. Below are some of the ways your company can engage with our students and the Westminster community, as well as support the college and our many programs.

What We Offer


Annual Scholarship Benefit Gala – September 6, 2014

  • Attended by 450 major donors, corporate and community leaders
  • Sponsorships are available for $2,500, $5,000 and $10,000

Annual Golf Tournament – June 5, 2015

  • Attended by 136 corporate leaders, alumni, and friends of the college
  • Sponsorships are available for $1,000, $1,500, $2,000, and $3,000

Athletics – September through May

  • Sporting events attended by 300 to 1,200 people per event
  • Sponsorships are available from $1,000-$15,000/annually

Theater/Music Department (4-6 shows each year from September - April)

  • Attended by 200-250 people per performance
  • Sponsorships are available from $2,500-$10,000/annually

Science Olympiad – Held annually each Spring in February or March

  • Attended by 500 junior and high school students, as well as 100 teachers
  • Sponsorships are available from $1,500-$3,000

Lectures in Entrepreneurship Series – Have 15 lectures each spring in March & April

  • Attended by 100-150 students and community leaders for each lecture
  • Sponsorships are available from $2,000-$4,000

Philanthropic Giving

A company can name a scholarship for as little as $1,000/year with a four-year commitment or endow a scholarship to be awarded in perpetuity for $25,000.

Center for Financial Analysis Corporate Partner
Our state-of-the-art Center for Financial Analysis located in the Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business is always looking for companies to help pay for the software, our Bloomberg Terminal, as well as the other components necessary to operate our CFA. Levels are $5,000, $10,000, and $25,000 annually.

Undergraduate Research
A company may fund undergraduate summer research for a minimum investment of $3,000/year.

Program Specific Support
Support a specific program or major (Geology, Nursing, Business, Entrepreneurship, etc.) for as little as $2,000/year.