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Interlibrary loan is a service that provides access for the Westminster College community to materials which are not available in the Giovale Library. Conditions of the service are based on the National Interlibrary Loan Code 1993; the Copyright Law, Title 17, US Code; and on regulations of the individual lending libraries.


The copyright law of the United States (title 17, United State Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction. One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research." If a user makes a request for, or later uses a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of "fair use," that user may be liable for copyright infringement. This institution reserves the right to refuse to accept a copying order if, in its judgment, fulfillment of the order would involve violation of copyright law.


Interlibrary loan service is offered to all current Westminster students, faculty and staff. Patrons not currently enrolled, or employed, at Westminster College are not eligible (i.e. alumni or community users).


To request an interlibrary loan, the library user must fill out the proper interlibrary loan request form. It is the user's responsibility to provide all information necessary to locate the material. Incomplete requests or requests for items already in our collection will be returned to the requestor. Students and staff who request more than five items at a time should schedule a reference consultation with a librarian. Westminster College attempts to use its local resources before initiating interlibrary loan requests.


Books, journal articles, microfilm. Generally, Giovale Library will not request an item we own unless it is unavailable for use (missing, lost, in repair, or extremely overdue).


Westminster College attempts to fill all requests in the fastest possible way. The time needed to obtain any interlibrary loan item depends upon the difficulty of the request; the location and policy of the lending library; and the amount of requests to be processed. On average, articles take between 1-4 business days and books take 1-2 weeks to receive.


Our patrons will be notified through the ILLiad system via e-mail the when material arrives and is available. Materials which are shipped, such as books, must be picked up within two weeks. Articles are all sent electronically and can be retrieved online.


Periodical articles are given to the user and do not need to be returned. The time allowed for the loan of all other items is usually 3 weeks unless otherwise stated by the lending library. The due date of the item is indicated on the band attached to the book cover. Renewals depend totally on the policies of the lending library.


Westminster College does not charge our patrons for interlibrary loan services.


Payment will be determined by the lending libraries according to their policies regarding lost, damaged and overdue materials. Patrons are responsible for any charges or replacement costs that may result.


Reference Materials Reserve Materials Videos & DVDs Archival Materials Bulky or fragile materials that are difficult or too expensive to ship Rare books Electronic Books


a) by Westminster patrons Lending policies concerning dissertation and theses vary widely amongst colleges. Some will lend at no cost; others will charge a fee (usually the minimum of $10.00); many will not lend dissertations under any circumstances. We cannot guarantee that a request for a Dissertation or Thesis will be filled. b) for Westminster's Masters' Theses Westminster College will loan any Master Thesis requested by an institution.


Library users who have not returned interlibrary loan materials, been continuously late in returning materials, or not paid fines will be denied further interlibrary loan privileges.

Visiting patrons requesting UALC reciprocal circulation privileges must provide the following to receive a Giovale Library UALC borrowing card:

  1. Present a current, valid legal photo identification AND proof of current enrollment/employment.
  2. Proof of current enrollment or employment which can be provided by the following methods:
    • A reciprocal borrower logs into their university’s website and voluntarily shows current registration or show a printout of current courses for which they are registered.
    • A reciprocal borrower logs into their university website and voluntarily shows proof of current employment.

Patrons agree to adhere to the borrower rules outlined in the UALC Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement as well as the Giovale Library policies:

  • Comply with the Giovale Library circulation policies.
  • Notify library of address changes.
  • Pay any late fees and/or replacement costs and fees assessed for library materials to Giovale Library.
  • Return items directly to the library or return items to the patron’s home library Interlibrary Loan Office.
Library ItemUALC PrivilegeMax Checkouts
Main Collection28 DaysUnlimited
New Books28 DaysUnlimited
Popular Reading14 Days4
Reference BooksNon-CirculatingN/A
Videos/DVDs4 Days4
ReserveTime Specified on ItemN/A

All items accrue fines at $0.25/day. Maximum fine for any type of item is $10.00. This is the fine only; if the item ages from “Overdue” to “Lost” full replacement cost will be assessed in addition to the fines already accrued.

The Giovale Library welcomes donations of books and other significant materials. We cannot accept outdated textbooks, back issues of popular periodicals, or damaged items.

Potential donors should contact Christopher Dasanjh: 801-832-2256 cdasanjh@westminstercollege.edu

Westminster College will provide a letter of acknowledgment including the number of books donated. No assessment of value can be given.


The Giovale Library supports and furthers Westminster College’s vision of being recognized as an exemplary community of learners, distinguished by our distinctive educational programs, our record of preparing graduates for success in a rapidly changing world, and our commitment to continuous improvement, effectiveness, and value. Guided by the commitment to serving as the heart of the College’s intellectual, cultural, social learning community, the Giovale Library shall;

Goal 1 Education and Service

Provide user-centered services and instruction that enrich the curriculum and facilitate the research endeavors of faculty, staff and students. Prepare students for lifelong learning by promoting critical inquiry and information literacy.
Strategy A
Use emerging and existing technologies to advance library instruction, information literacy programs, and library services.
Strategy B
Use collaboration with teaching faculty and staff to situate the development of information literacy skills and knowledge within the disciplines and to integrate it throughout the curriculum and co-curricular activities.
Strategy C
Provide library services in a variety of formats that facilitate use by a diverse student and faculty community.

Goal 2 Collections

Develop and manage a collection of resources in appropriate and effective formats which supports and strengthens the curricular, informational, research and personal pursuits of the College community.
Strategy A
Continually strengthen our resource base for all formats (books, electronic journals, subject databases, books, DVDs, etc.)
Strategy B
Develop policies and processes regarding the digitization and access to unique library and college resources.
Strategy C
Develop a thorough library liaison program that will allow librarians to work more extensively with faculty members to develop and access library collections in all formats.
Strategy D
Maintain an up-to-date- and well balanced collection.

Goal 3 Access

Identify, employ, and fully support innovations and applications from both current and emerging approaches and technologies that will facilitate discovery and allow for simple and seamless access to the Library’s information resources and services.
Strategy A
Provide anytime/ anywhere access to the Library's resources as is possible and appropriate.
Strategy B
Continue to support and develop best practices in resource sharing.
Strategy C
Maintain a user centered integrated library system geared toward information discovery, which meets the changing needs of our library staff and processes.

Goal 4 Staff

Build and continually develop a skilled staff equipped to meet the constantly changing needs of the Library and the campus community.
Strategy A
Provide staff opportunities for training, cross training, networking and other important professional development.
Strategy B
Maintain staff in sufficient numbers and with appropriate work assignments in order to adapt to changing needs and opportunities.

Goal 5 Outreach

Enhance visibility of the Giovale Library’s services, resources and contributions.
Strategy A
Librarians and library staff will provide a unique perspective on campus by serving on committees and being active in campus-wide decision
Strategy B
The Library will be pro-active in sharing information about our services, resources and programming.
Strategy C
Contribute to campus culture by providing programming that takes advantage of the Library’s facility, resources and staff talents.

Goal 6 Environment

Provide safe, sustainable and accessible physical and virtual environments that encourage exploration, innovation and information exchange.
Strategy A
Continue to offer and enhance a variety of physical and virtual spaces that are flexible, functional and respond to the changing needs of users (i.e. group and solo study, quiet and social areas, technology enhanced and traditional seating.)
Strategy B
Ensure the continued quality and upkeep of the Library. Respond to the aging of the facility.
Strategy C
Commit to reducing energy costs, waste and the footprint of the Library.

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