Graduate students are required to provide the Giovale Library with one UNBOUND copy and one electronic copy (PDF) on disc of their thesis. The print copy is professionally hardbound according to Library Binding Institute standards and placed in the Giovale Library Archives. The electronic copy is deposited and displayed in the Institutional Repository for users to access. This is to ensure their longevity and permanent status as part of the library collections.

The library will cover the binding cost of the first copy; students must pay a $16.50 binding fee for each additional copy. All personal copies to be bound should be submitted at the same time along with the $16.50 fee per copy. Students who desire personal copies to be bound in some other manner should work with a local business that provides this service. All disc copies should be clearly labeled with the name of the author(s) and title of the thesis.

NOTE: Theses are collected and periodically cataloged and bound throughout the year, depending on the number received and the workflow in the cataloging department. Students should therefore be aware that it may be several months before their personal copies are available. If a student is in a rush to have personal copies bound, they can contact the library for suggestions on where to take them.

  • A title page
  • An advisor's approval page
  • A signed permission statement that grants the library the right to duplicate and deposit/display the thesis in an institutional repository
  • An abstract of approximately 200 words
  • A letter of permission from the copyright holder for all copyrighted materials used in the thesis


  • Pagination:
  • Pagination must be consecutive throughout the thesis so that the cataloger and binder can make sure the pages are in the proper order.

  • Paper:
  • Theses must be on high-quality, white paper, minimum 20-pound weight, with 25% rag content and 8 1/2 inches X 11 inches size. The paper must be of archival quality and acid free.

  • Margins:
  • Margins must be sufficient to allow binding; that means a left margin of l.5 inches.

  • Print:
  • Pages must be single sided. Print must be clearly readable.

  • Illustrations:
  • Photographs, charts, and other materials mounted onto sheets for inclusion in the thesis must be securely fixed to pages.

  • Oversize Materials:
  • Because of difficulties in binding, it is recommended that students avoid the use of oversize materials. Charts, graphs, etc. need to be reduced or redesigned to fit the page. If oversize material is used it must be folded to fit in pockets which will be inserted in the back of the theses.