Engaging the World Photo Contest

Studying abroad is an amazing experience that is often difficult to capture in words. Celebrate and show off your experience by entering the photo contest.


Select your best photos that fit in one of the following categories:

  •  Engaging the World – Photos of culture and identity. Photos can include you engaging with local culture, eating local cuisine, interacting with residents, or participating in cultural events, activities, or holidays.
  • Landscapes & Landmarks – Photos of you in the town or city where you studied. For example, photos can be of you with landmarks, landscapes, or nature.
  • Global Griffins – Photos of students or faculty wearing Griffin attire or displaying Westminster pride during your international study experience.

Who May Enter

The contest is open to Westminster College undergraduates who participated in a study abroad program during Fall 2017, Spring 2018, or in a 2018 May Term Study Experience.

How to Enter

  • Complete the online entry form and upload your photo(s). You should name your picture files as you have named them on the entry form.
  • Each eligible applicant may submit up to 2 photos per category for a maximum of 6 photographs.
  • Photos must be high-resolution straight from your camera, not edited with Instagram. Usually a 1 MB file size and up is sufficient, and/or a photo of 1200 x 1600 pixels minimum. If you know your photo is 300dpi, that's even better.
  • You must provide a short description (up to 75 words) for each photo on the entry form.
  • Photos must be free of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, or any inappropriate content.
  • Do not submit photos of children or others who have not given consent to be photographed.
  • Photos must be your own, taken during the specified timeframe.
  • Do not use other people's photos or plagiarize.
  • Do not submit photos downloaded from Instagram or Facebook, as they will not be high resolution

Entry Deadline

5:00 p.m. MST on Wednesday, June 13, 2018.


A panel of Westminster staff and faculty will judge and select the winning photos—winners will be notified by June 29, 2018.


1st place in each of the three categories will win $100.

Additional Information

All materials submitted to the Westminster College photo contest become property of Westminster College. Photos may be modified, retouched, and used for promotional purposes. By submitting your photographs, you also permit Westminster College to use your name in conjunction with any media used to promote our international programs. Westminster College has the sole right to determine the future use of photos.