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The Office of College Relations & Strategy is home to Westminster`s Coaching & Mentoring Center, and handles various college-wide endeavors such as strategic planning, board relations, community and government relations, student consulting and institutional research, reporting and analysis. The Coaching & Mentoring Center includes the Alumni Mentoring Program, First-Year Network, Gold To Grad, and Master Track, and is also a resource for faculty and staff development.

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Meet Our Team


Nichole Greenwood is the Director of Institutional Research, Planning & Effectiveness in the department of Strategic Planning in the Office of the President. She earned both her B.A. and M.P.C. from Westminster College.

  • And the first question is, what brought you to Westminster?

My education, I didn’t want to go to a big school and I wanted to stay close to home, because it was just my mom and I, so that’s why I picked here.

  • Awesome. What is your day-to-day like at work?

Oh, I don’t even know how to answer that. (Laughs) Whatever comes up, whatever’s most important, but typically I do a lot of spreadsheet work and number crunching and pulling a lot of data.

  • Definitely the stuff that makes me nervous. So, if present you could give advice to past you on your first day of working at Westminster, what would you say?

Um, you probably don’t want this answer… (Laughs)

  • I do! Be the most candid!

I would tell “First Day Nichole” to gain the most experience that she possibly could but to make sure to spread her wings and venture out.

  • Wow, that’s really good advice. What is the most obscure skill you have mastered? In other words, if you had to challenge your opponent to a duel you know you would win, what would it be?

Writing queries at the colon prompt to pull data out of the system.

  • I don’t even know what that is.

There you go! I win!

  • You do, you definitely do. What is your condiment of choice?

Hmmm, horseradish sauce.

  • That’s a great answer. I love horseradish. What’s your favorite place on campus?

My office. Because I can see all of campus – I have a beautiful view – but I can also be in my own little world where I can work, and there’s enough traffic that comes through here that I’m not lonely, but not too much that it’s overwhelming. And I can open my window!


Richard Chapman is, among other things, the Co-Director of the Coaching and Mentoring Program at Westminster

  • What brought you to Westminster?

So I got hired as an adjunct during grad school, really liked it, met some people like John Watkins and thought Westminster would be a great place to be. Westminster called and offered to hire me – different labor market back then – as a professor and I jumped at the chance.

  • Cool, so what is your day-to-day like now at work?

At work? (Laughs) So typically I check emails texts, and phone calls. Because I’m in the online programs, I have to constantly check those. And then, grading of projects is probably my number one priority in the online program. I do some teaching in the classroom but only during spring semester. After that it’s office hours, committee meetings, coaching and mentoring center meetings.

  • Definitely a lot of different stuff to do. If present you could give advice to past you on your first day of working at Westminster, what would you say?

“You’re gonna love it!”

  • That’s awesome. Were you apprehensive at first?

I really had trouble, so I took the job, and – between us – I cried when I took it. I was like, “I’m a phd, I’m going to end up 40 miles from where I grew up, in Orem…” And I wanted to go to the west coast, California preferably, I had dreams of travelling far, and come to find out I don’t think I could have found a better job for me.

  • That’s what I’ve heard a lot of people say; that they didn’t expect to end up in Utah but Westminster just fit.

Yeah! And in hindsight, I should have been like, partying that night. It’s a great fit, I wanted to fit well at a research institution, and Westminster, one thing I love is that they’ve really allowed me a lot of flexibility. My career has been all over the map, and it’s been great.

  • Yeah for sure, that’s great. What is the most obscure skill you’ve mastered? In other words, if you had to challenge your opponent to a duel you know you would win, what would it be?

Okay, probably, so this is actually more from my youth than now but it’s still probably in there; either Tolkien-lore, the books not the movies, or military history.

  • Interesting. Have you ever considered going on Jeopardy?

No, because I can’t do popular media! You know, they’ll have questions about the Jersey Shore, and I’m dead; never watched it.

  • True. Condiment of choice?

Hmmm, what’s the pepper sauce that I get from Tsunami? It’s a type of pepper. I should Google it real fast. I eat this way too much; I buy bottles of it and put it on my eggs every time I eat eggs. It’s habanero pepper sauce. I have that like once a day, I love it. I don’t use wasabi; I think it overpowers the sushi, so I do the habanero sauce cause it makes it spicier without changing the flavor.

  • I’m always looking for new breakfast ideas, so I will definitely try that. What is your favorite place on campus?

Favorite place… the stream. I take Elizabeth there; when she was little she used to jump off into the waterfall. I try to get her to get her to do it now, and she’s like “That looks dangerous!”


Nicole McKenna is a Frankenberg Fellow who oversees Westminster’s coaching and mentoring programs, works to promote the growth of the center, and fosters community relations by attending sugarhouse community council and chamber meetings.

  • So, Nicole, what brought you to Westminster?

I was pretty set on going to the U, actually. I had toured there, and I was kind of trying to force myself to make it the right fit, and then I toured Westminster because they had reached out to me, and I fell in love with the campus the first time I toured it. I’m super happy.

  • Awesome, I’m glad you ended up coming here! What is your day-to-day like at work?

Um, insane! Super busy. I jump around a lot, and have a lot of different roles. Sometimes it’s office management, sometimes it’s community relations, sometimes it’s focusing on all the coaching and mentoring programs, so it can be anything from event planning to working on programming to working on developing our center and helping Annalisa get her stuff done.

  • That’s definitely a lot of different hats to wear. So if present you could give advice to past you on your first day of working at Westminster, what would you say?

Hmmm, I don’t really know if it’s advice, but one thing would be is that a good boss is probably the most important thing that will make you happy at work. Like you can be drowning in a lot of work but as long as you have a really great team and everyone works really well together then the stress kind of goes away.

  • Yeah I feel that for sure. We definitely try to keep our spirits up; I like how much we all joke around together. So tell me this: what is the most obscure skill you have mastered? In other words, if you had to challenge your opponent to a duel you know you would win, what would it be?

I have really thick hair, and I can do it in like twenty minutes! But seriously, crisis management. If someone tells me there’s a problem, I will fix it, in like 30 minutes! I will be panicking on the inside, but it will be fixed.

  • Nice, that’s good to know. What is your condiment of choice?

Fry sauce. Total Utah thing. When I was like eleven, I went to D.C.  for a youth leadership thing, and I was by myself in the airport and went and asked the lady at McDonald’s for fry sauce, and she was like, “… Who are you…?” Like all “What is fry sauce” and I was like “Ugh, can I just have ketchup and mayo then?” like the pretentious little nine year old I was.

  • Hilarious! She didn’t even know who she was dealing with. Okay, last one: what is your favorite place on campus?

I really love being out on Dumke Field, because the back of the library has that quote by Eleanor Roosevelt that I like, and I really love just looking at that quote, and then you can see Converse in between the trees, and the mountains behind it. That’s my favorite view ever; it’s gorgeous.


Jules Harding is the Community Relations Assistant, and works to develop rapport and mutually beneficial relationships between Westminster students, faculty, alumni, trustees, and the surrounding Sugarhouse community. She writes community newsletters, updates on Westminster’s Strategic Plan, and manages social media for various mentoring programs.

  • Hi Jules! What brought you to Westminster?

So I actually transferred here in my second year of school, from the UBC which is a huge school – about twice the size of the U – in Vancouver, Canada which is where I grew up. I realized pretty quickly that my “dream school” wasn’t what I thought it would be, and anyways I started dating this guy who had moved to Vancouver from Utah for a job, with the intent to move back for school, and amidst all my complaining about UBC he basically took the opportunity to sell me on Westminster, which initially worked because I was super into him, (laughs) but after touring and finding out more, it became clear that Westminster was the school I wanted but didn’t know existed.

  • That’s so unexpected. Are you happy with the move?

Absolutely. I really think the experiences I’ve had here made me discover my ideal life.

  • So what is your day-to-day like at work?

It’s a lot of creative thinking and collaborating with Annalisa and her ideas of how to make Westminster the best it can be. And then it’s mostly designing and writing content for newsletters, social media, the website… And laughing a lot. Everyone who works here is really funny.

  • It definitely seems like you all have a great time together. So if present you could give advice to past you on your first day of working at Westminster, what would you say?

Maybe to know your worth and not to settle? I had a couple of jobs that weren’t as challenging or fulfilling as this one, and so I think I would tell young me that opportunities are always worth pursuing if they’ll make you happier. Also the power of a boss who respects you is not to be ignored; Annalisa is very empowering.

  • That makes sense; it’s good to work for someone who inspires you. Okay: what is the most obscure skill you have mastered? In other words, if you had to challenge your opponent to a duel you know you would win, what would it be?

Hmm… I’m really lucky. Like in a statistic-defying way. You know the dice game, Yahtzee? Where if you roll all five dice as the same number it’s 50 points? I will roll like four or five of those a game. I have no idea what the deal is. My dad also used to take me to horse races to pick the winners, from the shadows all shady because I was too young to actually place the bet. (laughs) But luck isn’t a skill I guess… I also cook really good breakfasts!

  • Awesome, so on the topic of food, what is your condiment of choice?

When I was a kid I used to put ketchup and malt vinegar on anything remotely close to a potato. But my household has recently been making chicken tacos for dinner like at least once a week, and I make a cilantro sauce that’s just cilantro, lime, garlic, sour-cream, and plain yogurt and we’ve started putting it on EVERYTHING. I guess I’ve always been kind of obsessed with sauces.

  • That sounds super good. Okay, last question: what is your favorite place on campus?

I really like to study in that corner of the library that is all windows and has a couch; it feels secluded but you can still see outside. And maybe HWAC, because I like to gossip in the hot tub. 


Amy Dockstader is the Coaching and Mentoring Manager for our office, and oversees everything from admission to the program to the details of program planning.

  • What brought you to Westminster?

I feel like it’s cliché to say, but honestly the small class sizes. And the scholarship they gave me. I was debating between here and Western Washington, which was my dream school to go to, but they didn’t give me any scholarship. So Westminster with the scholarship and small class sizes was it.

  • Yeah, I feel the same way for sure. What is your day-to-day like at work?

It’s different ever day, or I guess every week. This week I’m working solely on AMP interview stuff, prepping Annalisa for that, getting it all organized for her, other weeks I’m working on student consultant stuff, so really all in all I’m like Annalisa’s organizer and planner.

  • So then if present you could give past you advice on your first day of working at Westminster, what would you say?

I guess really learn to network, it’s not something I really learned until the end of last year and so if I had known that earlier I probably would have been more apt to reach out to staff and faculty.

  • That’s a great answer, I totally get that. What is the most obscure skill you have mastered? In other words, if you had to challenge your opponent to a duel you know you would win, what would it be?

Probably organizing, I’m really good at it. When I was little I used to organize my friends’ rooms for fun, (laughs) they loved it because their parents would be like “you need to clean your room!” So I would clean it and then their parents would find out and they would get in huge trouble.

  • That is really funny. I’m sure the kids thought it was totally worth it. What is your condiment of choice?

It depends on what I’m eating… But… Fry sauce goes on burgers and fries, and I’ll even eat it with chicken nuggets, but I also really like the spicy mayo that goes on sushi; it’s my favorite.

  • Nice, have you had Kewpie mayo?

No I haven’t, what is it?

  • It’s a Japanese mayo I put on everything, you’d probably love it. I’ll get you some. Okay, last one, what is your favorite place on campus?

Hmm, I really like Bassis, because I also work at the Center for Civic Engagement, so that area where they have big tables and you can pull chairs around it. And the building is newer, I like studying in there more than in the library. It was convenient when I lived on campus as a first-year student, but now I don’t go over there as much.


Jazmin May is the coordinator of the First-Year Network mentoring program at Westminster. 

  • What brought you to Westminster?

The fact that everybody here was super welcoming, and the small class sizes of course. So I had a tour during middle school, and during that tour I just felt like Westminster was my home because everybody would like, talk to me and encourage me, and you know, made me feel at home. And then in high school when I applied here even still then my admissions counselor was like how’s it going, how’s your family, and that made me feel really welcomed.

  • That’s so nice to hear. I did a lunch with a prospective student yesterday who asked me if it was easy to make friends, and I told her not to worry at all. Okay so what is your day-to-day like at work?

Hmmm, I go through the things I have to set up, so like right now I’m focusing on the mentor applications, and then marketing for it, and then during the summer I’ll be working on the training manual. I try to plan in advance what I know I need to get done for the next step.

  • Totally. If present you could give advice to past you on your first day of working at Westminster, what would you say?

Probably to always have confidence, to not doubt yourself because I know that when I first started working I was like, “Am I going to be good for the job? How should I do this?” and now I would say to remember I have the potential and always have confidence that I can get it done, and that there’s always people around to help you so ask.

  • Awesome. What is the most obscure skill you have mastered? In other words, if you had to challenge your opponent to a duel you know you would win, what would it be?

Wow, I have no idea. It has to probably be time management. I know a lot of people struggle to get things done, but I just make a system for myself and I know, like, okay, if I do this now then I’ll have thirty minutes to do this other thing, and then I’ll be able to balance everything.

  • That’s so valuable. What is your condiment of choice?

Hmmm, definitely not ketchup. I used to say ranch but now I’m kind of getting over it, so… Does guac count?

  • (Laughs) I love that you said all of that. Guac definitely counts. Okay last one; favorite place on campus?

Shaw. Because, so, one because its big and I get really claustorphobic in small spaces, but also I just like seeing people pass around me. So even if I’m doing my own work just to see people around me is nice.