Internal Newsletters

Westminster's Office of Marketing and Communications produces two internal employee newsletters for the college's faculty and staff.

Weekly "What's Happening" Newsletter

Whats Happening at Westminster

Westminster produces a weekly events newsletter, now called "What's Happening," which is distributed each Monday to all faculty, staff, and adjuncts. The newsletter includes all campus events that are open to the public for the upcoming two weeks. On occasion, the newsletter will include events that are only open to faculty and staff. The purpose of the newsletter is to consolidate campus events into one email to help reduce the amount of email spam campus-wide.

Monthly "Griffin Gazette" Newsletter

Griffin Gazette

Westminster’s "Griffin Gazette" is our monthly internal employee newsletter that is distributed to faculty, staff, and adjuncts on the last day of each month. This newsletter includes highlights and links to the latest campus news as well as a list of staff/faculty announcements and achievements, such as awards, honors, personal accomplishments, baby announcements, etc. The newsletter also includes the announcement of the new "Staff of the Month" award.

Please send submissions for these newsletters to Arikka Von.