Candidates for graduation should apply to the Registrar's Office two regular semesters prior to the anticipated completion of graduation requirements.

How to Apply for Graduation

  1. Fill out the Graduation Application.
  2. You will also need degree audits, available through WebAdvisor or from our office.
  3. Take your degree audits to each of your advisors and get their signature.
  4. Bring the signed degree audits and the completed Application Form back to the Registrar's Office.

Candidates are notified of remaining degree requirements after applying for graduation.

The final responsibility for being informed about and adhering to graduation requirements rests with the individual student.

Graduation Requirements for Bachelor's Degrees

  • Complete a minimum of 124 semester credit hours, 30 of which must be upper division courses numbered 300 or above from a four-year institution
  • Fulfill all WCore or Honors Liberal Education requirements
  • Maintain an overall grade point average of 2.00 or above

    Note: Only letter grades of C- or better may be presented to satisfy major, minor, or WCore/Honors Liberal Education requirements with the exception of Nursing, which requires a C or better; and Education, which requires a grade of C+ or better in all education classes.

  • Meet all course requirements and grade point average requirements for majors and minors as outlined in the appropriate Academic Catalog.
  • Fulfill the residency requirement
  • Maintain good academic standing

Graduating With Honors

Honors are awarded to undergraduate students who complete 60 hours of coursework at Westminster with letter grades and who meet the following criteria.

Honors LevelCriteria
Summa Cum LaudeTop 10 percent of eligible students*
Magna Cum LaudeSecond 10 percent of eligible students*
Cum LaudeThird 10 percent of eligible students*

*Eligible students are undergraduate students who complete 60 hours of coursework at Westminster with letter grades.

The grade point averages necessary to meet honors criteria are based on the previous year's graduating class GPA. The GPAs required to receive honors for graduation is determined after the entire class has been graduated in August and are published during the Fall semester.

Honors noted in the Commencement program are based upon the grade point average at the end of the fall semester. Honors designations noted in the program are subject to change based on the calculation of final grade point averages for students attending May and Summer terms. Grade point averages are not rounded in order to achieve honors.

Graduation Requirements for Master's Degrees

To see graduation requirements for a Master's degree, please refer to the individual program in the appropriate Academic Catalog


After graduation processing has been completed, you will be notified when diplomas are available for pick up in the Registrar's Office free of charge. Picture ID is required and all holds with the school must be cleared in order to release your diploma. You may also choose to have your diploma mailed to you by completing the Diploma Mailing Request Form. To ensure that your diploma arrives safely, all diplomas are mailed via certified mail; there is a $20.00 fee associated with this service.