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The Office of Spiritual Life at Westminster College serves as a place where students, faculty and staff can address any issues of a spiritual nature. The office creates opportunities for students to explore and grow in their spiritual understanding of the world while relating it to their academic pursuits and future business endeavors. The office encourages students to gain a better understanding of an integrative model of our physical and spiritual realities through programs and services. In addition to providing support to students, the Office of Spiritual Life aims to be a student driven, dialogue and action oriented center which advocates for Peace and Justice through interfaith cooperation both on campus and in communities of Salt Lake City.

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Spiritual Life Programs

Better Together is a national student driven campaign for interfaith action. On Westminster Campus, the Better Together Campaign is mobilizing college students to voice their values, engage with others, and act together to make the world a better place for everyone. Participating in The Better Together campaign gives students an opportunity to take a stand for interfaith cooperation thus putting an impact on creating dialogues and interfaith understanding in the community. On an annual basis Westminster interfaith student activists attend an Interfaith Youth Core training to gain skills that would allow them make a difference on this campus.

Westminster College Pledge of Respect

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Group at Better Together Conference

Coexist Cafe happens at least once every semester and is framed in a format of “speed-faithing” and panels where students get a chance to share about their beliefs and cultures. The goal of the Coexist Café is to create a safe and respectful space for students to connect with each other and get exposed to a diversity of perspectives. Coexist T-shirts and bumper sticker are available at the Spiritual Life Office as well as at these events.

Group Lecture at Coexist Cafe

Griffins for the Greater Good Club's main goal is to provide a platform for intercultural, interfaith dialogue, as well as uniting efforts of students to promote Peace, Conflict Resolution and Social Justice.   Club members have been involved in organizing various dialogues on campus, such as the Coexist Cafe, Devotionals on World Peace, Justice and Respect. Students are also being trained for the Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program to mentor younger generations on the concept of World Citizenship. Field trips and service projects allow members to practice the concept of Peace in action by having first-hand learning experiences when connecting to communities of various cultures, traditions and belief systems.

World Citizen Club is a junior youth spiritual empowerment program facilitated by Westminster College students. It was designed to help young adolescents between the ages of 11-14 develop into focused, happy and productive teenagers and young adults. Some of the key goals of this program is to empower junior youth through mentoring, facilitation of discussions and service projects. Development of the power of expression and critical thinking, the concept of world citizenship and respect for diversity are emphasized in the setting of an after-school program. For more information on becoming an animator with this mentoring program, please contact Jan Saeed.Building a Compassionate World Video Thumbnail

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Since 2009, Westminster and India has given students, faculty and staff, as well as community members, the opportunity to work in schools and rural libraries, developing partnerships and relationships across international, religious and cultural lines.  Students gain a firsthand perspective on the diversity of education and life in rural India. In the past, they have participated in reading programs especially for young girls, science project development, and art and reading programs in a school for children with disabilities. Student led fund-raising, research projects, and fellowships have also added to the advancement of our Indian partners as well as Westminster student participants.  Greater cultural understanding of the religions and subcultures of India continues to be a profound part of this inaugural SISL program (Summer International Service Learning Program).

The Global Peace and Spiritual Life (GPS) Lecture Series provides an opportunity for our students and community to come to a safe place to explore and grow in understanding of our individual role in creating a more peace-filled world. Guests are invited to speak on topics related to peace building, respect, and understanding in our community.

For any information regarding faith-based clubs at Westminster College please contact Jan Saeed.

  • Griffins for the Great Good Interfaith Club (G3SLC)
  • Hillel for Utah
  • Latter-day Saints Student Association (LDSSA)
  • InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
  • Catholics on Campus


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Spiritual Life Staff

Spiritual Life Director

Jan Saeed (M.A. Spiritual Consultation and Conflict Resolution) oversees the spiritual happenings on campus. She consults with students, faculty, and staff planning events, retreats and activities. She leads group discussions and meets individually with students seeking spiritual direction or guidance.

Phone: 801.832.2232

Email: jsaeed@westminstercollege.edu

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