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After You're Hired

Adjunct Faculty Check-Off Sheet

Welcome to the Westminster College teaching faculty. You will soon discover that Westminster provides you with the support services you need to be successful. 

Mandatory Orientations

Orientation I

After receiving your assignment, you will be contacted to schedule your first Orientation. During the orientation you will:

  1. Learn about the Adjunct Faculty Program
  2. Meet with the Adjunct Faculty Coordinator to discuss your teaching needs
  3. Visit campus-wide support service offices
  4. Assure your email and computer accounts are functional
  5. Obtain your Westminster identification and library card
  6. Visit your classroom
  7. Learn about the support services offered in your school
  8. Learn about parking on campus, including obtaining a parking pass

 Orientation II

All adjunct faculty new to Westminster College should attend this orientation, offered before the beginning of the fall, spring, and summer terms. During this time you will meet with Deans; Student Services Directors; Library, Writing Center, and Faculty Technology Center Managers; and with the Adjunct Faculty Coordinator.


Thanks! You are part of a great team of people that make Westminster College such an exemplary school.