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Frequently Asked Questions

Freshman FAQ

Thinking about attending Westminster? Here are some quick answers to commonly asked questions.

  1. Are there scholarships?
    Of course! All of our merit-based scholarships are four-year scholarships. These scholarships range from $6,000-$14,000 per year. Every undergraduate, degree-seeking student who applies is automatically considered for a scholarship. There are also additional merit-based and discipline-specific awards that vary in amount.
  2. How can I visit the campus?
    We offer campus visits, which include a meeting with an admissions counselor, a meeting with a financial aid counselor, and a tour of our campus. You can also stay for lunch or meet with a faculty member. To arrange a visit, call the Admissions Office (801.832.2200 or 1.800.748.4753), fill out our online visit form, or just stop by and we'll meet with you on the spot.
  3. What types of students are on campus?
    The type of student who excels at Westminster is a student who is academically inclined but is also outgoing with a desire to get involved. The students at Westminster College are open minded, confident, and ready for new experiences. We have students at Westminster from 36 states and 14 countries.
  4. What types of clubs and activities are available on campus?
    Over 50 clubs, which range from academic clubs to political organizations, and hundreds of activities are available on campus. There is always something going on and it is easy to get involved, whether it's a poetry reading, a holiday dance, or a just a pizza and movie night. It is hard to be bored at Westminster.
  5. What sports do you offer?
    We have inter-collegiate sports such as men's soccer, golf, cross country track and basketball. We also have well as women's volleyball, soccer, golf, cross country track and basketball. There are also numerous intramural sports in which students can participate. Go griffins!
  6. How many students are on campus?
    There are 3200 students at Westminster. Approximately 900 are graduate students and 2300 are undergraduate students. There are about 500 students who live on campus and the average class size is 17 students per class. The faculty to student ratio is 9:1.
  7. Do freshmen have to live on campus?
    Freshmen are required to live on campus in the residence halls or off campus with a family member.
  8. How close are you to a big city and how far away are the ski resorts?
    Westminster is located in a terrific neighborhood on the edge of Salt Lake City. The downtown area is a fifteen-minute drive from campus. World-renowned ski resorts are about 30 minutes from campus. Visit the About Westminster site for more information.
  9. Do you have jobs or internships on campus?
    There are many opportunities to get a job on campus. You can do anything from being a research assistant for a professor to working as a campus tour guide to being a clerk in the bookstore. Many students hold work study positions who qualify for the federal program. There are also many on and off campus internship possibilities available for students. Some majors require internships and all departments encourage them. Just stop by the Career Resource Center and someone will be able to help you get involved with the kind of job or internship in which you are interested.
  10. Do you accept Advanced Placement (AP) test scores for college credit?
    Yes. AP examinations in most subjects cover a full-year college course equivalent to eight semester credit hours. Some subject areas are equivalent to one semester of college-level course work. These are awarded based on the semester hours for the equivalent course at Westminster. A score of three is the minimum score accepted by the college. However, individual departments may require a minimum score of four or five to award credit for the equivalent course. Students may receive a maximum of 40 hours of Advanced Placement credit. For a complete listing of AP credits and awarded credit, visit the Registrar's Office.

Still have Questions? Contact the Admissions Office to have your specific questioned answered.