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Michael Tielborg

Michael Tielborg '89

Michael Tielborg graduated from Westminster in 1989 with a dual degree in economics and philosophy. A few years after graduating, he realized he wanted to do something valuable and help people in a more tangible way. He then went to the University of Utah to become an anesthesiologist, and is now working at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill as an anesthesiologist and assistant professor and anesthesiology. Michael enjoys his chosen profession. “There is no typical work day which is a nice thing about my job,” said Michael. It is a mix of teaching, administrative work, research, and treating patients. His teaching isn’t done in a traditional classroom setting but rather in the hospitals with students during residencies or lectures here and there. The education offered at Westminster College encouraged Michael to explore his opinions and gave him the well-rounded foundation that allowed him to find a career where he is truly successful.