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Love Letter

A Love letter to Westminster College

Dear Westminster College, 


The first time I stepped onto campus, I was immediately struck by your beauty; the combination of mature trees and historic buildings made me feel like I was someplace very special. I stood at the steps of Converse Hall and thought, “This is what college should be like.” While in awe of your physical attributes, I didn’t realize that you were drawing me in with professors who were noticing me. They genuinely cared; they called on me in class, helped develop my strengths, and challenged me intellectually. In one class, my professor wrote his cell phone number on the white board. I thought it was joke, but he was serious. I took advantage, and my professors helped me grow, and most importantly, they helped me take ownership of my education. I became addicted, and I am a life-long learner.   

It wasn’t easy. In fact it was hard to balance school, work, family and friends, but the sacrifices were worth it. You taught me how to think critically, communicate clearly, and work with people. Forcing me and my classmates to break out of our shells and interact with people who have different perspectives is an invaluable skill for the work place.

I remember the day I picked up my cap and gown. I was so proud—it was such an accomplishment! For the first time in my life I felt capable of monumental achievements. I would have never made it I through without the support of my professors and classmates.  

As an alumnus, I’ve watched the campus grow. There are more students, new buildings, and new academic programs. This year the nation cheered as 23 Westminster students represented the US in the Sochi Olympics. I was so proud, but I knew Westminster College would no longer be the best kept secret in Sugar House.

I hope as you grow you hold to your strong sense of community and maintain your small personal feel. I ask that you keep me connected and informed about what's happening on campus and the lives and achievements of my classmates and faculty. Don't spam me or only call to ask for money. 

At Westminster I figured out who I am and what I love. I met my best friend, my business partner, my spouse, or my mentor. Westminster is home, and the people are my family. I truly enjoyed all the gifts that Westminster had to offer. I’m very grateful for the time I spent there and am excited to see what the future holds.   

With Love, 

Your Alumni 

*This love letter is comprised of statements from more than 60 interviews with Westminster Alumni who graduated between 1970–2013.