Fatima Mujcinovic
Fatima Mujcinovic, Ph.D.
M.A. Case Western Reserve University
Ph.D. Univ Calif Santa Barbara

Areas of Experience

  • Literary and Cultural Studies
  • About Fatima Mujcinovic, Ph.D.

              A native of Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, I came to the United States in 1994 to continue my undergraduate studies in English and Spanish, which were cut short by the wars in former Yugoslavia. I was lucky to get the opportunity to study at some of the best universities in the US and learn from outstanding professors. Now I like to inspire my students to develop the same desire and appreciation for learning because I know its long-term rewards and benefits.
               I am passionate about literary/cultural studies and love to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with Westminster students. I especially appreciate the field of comparative literature because of its global, cross-cultural approaches to literature and, as scholar Edward Said points out, its understanding of difference without exoticization or dehumanization.
               For more details on my research interests and professional experience, please see my web page. My current syllabi and teaching materials are posted on Canvas.