Heather Batchelor
Heather Batchelor
Assistant Professor
Master of Arts in Teaching
E.D.D. University of Massachusetts

About Heather Batchelor

Areas of Experience:


· mentoring of novice teachers

· secondary curriculum design

· drop out prevention

· working with marginalized students

· service learning

· secondary social studies and English




B.A. Mount Holyoke College, 1992
M.S. University of Massachusetts, 1998

M.Ed. University of Massachusetts, 2000    

ED.D.  University of Massachusetts, 2012



Heather began teaching in 1998 as a social studies and English as a second language teacher in rural Massachusetts.  Over the course of the next 14 years, she watched with alarm as her school’s dropout rate approached twenty percent.   As someone who had always been interested in the experiences of marginalized youth in public schools, she began to investigate the reasons why her students were dropping out in such high numbers.  This led her to a doctoral program where she began to examine the impact that service learning had on retention of students considered at-risk for leaving school. As a result, she developed and implemented a comprehensive program aimed at reconnecting students to school, involving students in educating other teachers on best practices for designing engaging instruction.  


Heather has taught in the School of Education since 2012, primarily in the area of curriculum design and management, co-teaches a May term trip to Central America, and currently serves as the Director of the Secondary Master’s of Arts in Teaching program.  A key focus of her classes is connecting educational theory to real world teaching practice.