Hal Snarr
Hal Snarr
Assistant Professor
B.S. Idaho State University
Ph.D. Washington State University

About Hal Snarr

Hal currently teaches business quantitative methods courses, money and banking, macroeconomic principles, and MBA economics and data analysis. He has taught a variety of other courses at Idaho State University, Washington State University, Duke University, and North Carolina A&T State University, including college algebra, microeconomic principles, macroeconomic principles, sports economics, intermediate microeconomic theory, elementary business statistics, advanced business statistics, labor economics, mathematical economics, econometrics, money and banking, and calculus-based microeconomics.
Hal enjoys being in the classroom, experimenting with innovative teaching techniques, producing instructional YouTube videos for his highly regarded channel, The Snarr Institute (click here or here to read more), conducting & publishing research articles, and writing articles for periodicals like the Mises Daily. 
Hal is an active scholar who follows the advice of Mark Twain and Jennifer Egan: “write what you know” or “what you are curious to find out.” So, he studies the effects of government policy on employment, migration, fertility, and participation in public assistance programs. He is skilled at Stata, and uses it to construct panel datasets from the Current Population Survey and policy variables that he codes from various public sources. He recently published his fourteenth peer-reviewed article, two macroeconomic books, an article in the Mises Daily, and is finishing two books on labor economics. He enjoys sharing his research findings, insights, and policy recommendations in community forums, and newspaper and radio interviews. Hal is known as Shooting Snarr on Chicago's Stocks and Jocks morning talk radio show.

Hal enjoys watching the news and movies with his wife, a good debate, and, most importantly, spending time and traveling with his family. He is married to a first generation Haitian-American from Brooklyn, NY. She is currently an economics major at Westminster College. They are the parents of a seven-year-old boy who loves to teach his triplet siblings about alphabets, numbers, and shapes.


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