Forwarding Address Change

Complete this form and return it to your R.A. before you check out of your residence hall room. If you are not returning to live on campus, mail will be forwarded for two months and then it will start being returned to sender. Mail will be forwarded for summer seasons if you are returning to live on campus for the following fall semester. Because the post office classifies this address as a "college campus" address, the post office will not "forward" your mail, so you MUST complete this form for us to forward your mail, up to 2 months, AND you MUST contact senders yourself to change your address with them permanently.

The asterisk ( * ) indicates a required field.

Forwarding Address


* Are you returning to the Residence Halls?

If you are not returning to the Halls for the next semester or academic year, this form serves as your request for the refund of your housing deposit. (If you have an unpaid balance at the college, your deposit will be applied towards it.) If you are returning next year, your deposit will be carried over—but if you were charged for any damages, you will need to bring the amount back up to the full amount.