Office of Advancement Event Request

Office of Advancement and Alumni Relations
Contact: Ashlee Rauzon
Phone: 832-2753

Early in the planning process the Office of Advancement will work very closely with the staff or department requesting the event to ensure that every detail is considered and scheduled.

  • A timeline will be created and serve as a template for planning and preparation.
  • Specific vendors will be selected to achieve the highest standards.


Policy and Procedure

Each event will be analyzed to determine if it is in the department’s best interest to hold such event. There will be an event template that will allow the key stakeholder to critically think about the event and it purpose and outcome.  

* indicates a required field.

* Name of Event  
* Event Type (building opening, donor event, luncheon, lecture, etc.)  
* Venue to be Requested  
* Venue - 2nd Option  
* Date of Event
Approximately one month lead time is needed for an event request.
  Time of Event  
* Key Stakeholder(s)  
* Is this event large enough to need a committee?  
* Will students be used for this event? (volunteer, seated at a table, video, etc.)  
* Description of Event
* Budget Number  
* Estimated Budget  
  Who will be included in the mailing list? Why?
* Determine Metrics (Staff time, feeback, followthrough)
* Who is the key audience?
* Will Constant Contact be needed for event registration?  
* Event Objectives (be clear about what you hope to achieve with this event)
* How will the event be measured for effectiveness? (engagement, money, etc. Use Google Analytics!)
* Follow-through (calls, visits, letter, survey, etc. All of this information needs to be entered in tracks and contact notes)