New Student Questionnaire

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  First and Last Name:  
Please help us gather information that will shape activities and programs for new students and enable you to communicate your needs for specific programs and services. if you have any questions while filling this out, please ask. Thank you for your cooperation in completing this questionnaire.
* Was Westminster College one of your top 3 choices? Yes
* Do you intend to stay at Westminster until you complete your degree? Yes
  If no, please explain what may interrupt your schooling: Mission
  If other, please explain:
* When do you anticipate finishing?  
* I am entering Westminster as a:  
* At your high school or previous institution how hard did you need to work to achieve good grades?  
* In general, how do you think the secondary schools(s) you attended prepared you to succeed in college?  
* How important is individual academic advising to you?  
* How important is meeting other students to you?  
* How important is meeting other students in your major?  
* How important is interacting with faculty to you?  
* How important is matching your major with career goals to you?  
* How important is involvement in campus activities to you?  
* How important is attending orientation to you?  
* How important is earning a high GPA to you?  
* Are you currently employed? Yes
  How many hours per week do you you work?  
* Are you planning on working while in school? Yes
  If yes, how many hours per week do you plan on working?  
  Indicate how your employer will support your education:  
* Besides attending college, what other obligations do you have? Employment
Other family members
Religious activities/mission call
Community service
Westminster athletic activities
USSA athletic activities
Other activities
* Which of the following concerns apply to you? Finances
Choosing the right career
Planning an academic program
Math skills
Writing skills
Making the transition to college
Inadequate study skills
Balancing school, family & work
Unsure if academically prepared
* When will/did you graduate from high school? (month/year)  
* During high school did you take concurrent coursework? Yes
* During high school did you take AP exams? Yes
* Are you the first person in your immediate family to attend college? Yes
* Did any family member start college but not finish? Yes
* Are you an International Student? Yes
* Is English your second language? Yes