Bicycle Cage Access

Please complete this form to request that your Westminster ID card be activated to allow you access to the bicycle cage located in the Northwest Parking Structure. Access is limited to current Westminster students, faculty, and staff. The bicycle cage is first come, first served, and access does not guarantee you a spot. You must complete all fields to receive access.

Personal Information:

The asterisk ( * ) indicates a required field.

Bicycle Information
(SLC County Registration is available free at the Westminster Cashier Window.)

If you have more than one bicycle, please enter additional information below.

User Agreement
Bicycle cage users agree to the following:
  • I will not allow anyone else access to the bicycle cage with my card. I understand that the added security of the bicycle cage comes from restricting access and will not loan out my card to others or allow others to enter with my card.
  • I agree to park my bicycle appropriately. I will park my bike so that it takes up only one space and maximizes available parking stalls.
  • I understand that access does not guarantee me a space, and parking in the bicycle cage is first come, first served.
  • I understand that my bicycle should be locked securely at all times while in the bicycle cage.
  • I understand that access to the bicycle cage is a strategy to increase its security and not a guarantee against theft or damage.

By clicking the button below, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the rules included above. I understand that by receiving access to the bicycle cage Westminster does not assume responsibility for loss, theft, or damage to bikes parked therein. I hereby assume all these risks, agree to be responsible for any damages or injuries that result from my use of the facility, and release Westminster College, its employees, volunteers, students, and agents from any claim for damages, losses, or costs. I understand that access to the bicycle cage is a privilege and failure to follow these rules could result in termination of my access.