Student Alumni Relations Committee Application

Student Alumni Application

The mission of the Student Alumni Relations Committee (SARC) is to engage alumni and students in meaningful conversations. Through these connections, we aim to increase alumni engagement, strengthen the Westminster community, and prepare students for post-graduate life. Students will interview alumni about their experiences as Westminster students, as well as their lives after graduating. It is important that our SARC members are genuine, inquisitive, and highly motivated, as this dialogue serves as a point of contact between alumni and the college.     

To be considered for the Student Alumni Relations Committee, please submit this application and email your resume to by 10pm on Sunday, August 25th, 2013.  

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* Describe a single experience at Westminster when you felt most alive and engaged. Why was this experience so engaging? When you think about your experience as a whole at Westminster, what do you value most about your work? About the college?
* If you return to campus after a decade away and the campus had become everything you hoped it would be, what would it be like?
* Are there obligations a student has to the institution (Westminster) that he or she represents? If so, what are the most important obligations to the institution? To alumni? To their peers? To their boss? To their own consciences?
* Name three people living or dead that you would most like to meet. What would you ask them? What would you most like to learn about them?