First Year Academic Advising Tutorial

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Your student ID number is located on the letter you were mailed.

* Have you been admitted to Westminster?  
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* Have you received your "First Year Academic Advising" packet in the mail?  
* Have you been recruited as a student-athlete for Westminster College?  
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* Are you ROTC?  
  If so, which branch?  
* Have you been admitted to the Honors OR Scholars program?  

Academic Information

* Are you bringing in AP, IB, or Cambridge exam credit?  
  If so, which exams?
* Are you bringing in concurrent/dual enrollment coursework?  
  If so, what course(s) and from what college(s) and/or university(ies)?
* What is your math placement according to the information in your welcome letter?  
* Do you want to take a placement test to possibly move into a higher math course?  
* What is your English placement according to the information in your welcome letter? There is no placement test available.  

Video Information

* What foreign language are you interested in studying and according to the Placement Video at what level would you be starting at?  
* Using the overall categories from the Interest Video, what area(s) are you interested in exploring?  
  Is there a specific area(s) within the category you would like to explore?  
* According to the Degree Requirements Video, how many Liberal Education categories are there?  
* According to the Vocabulary Video, what is FERPA?  

Scheduling Information

* Are you planning on attending a Griffin Gear Up?  
  If yes, which one?  
* What is a good phone number to reach you to SCHEDULE your academic advising and registration appointment?  
* What days/times are you available to take a call to SCHEDULE your academic advising and registration appointment? (We are open M-Th 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. and Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time)
* In which time zone are you located? For assistance with this, visit  
* Provide your personal email address for further communication.  

Disability Services

Westminster College provides equal access in higher education to academically qualified students with physical, learning and psychiatric disabilities. If you are interested in more information regarding Disability Services, contact Ginny DeWitt, Disability Services Coordinator at 801.832.2281 or More information is available here.

Additional Information

* Are you the first person in your immediate family to attend college?  
* Do you plan to work while in school?  
  If so, approximately how many hours per week?  
  Is there any further information you feel we should have to prepare for the appointment?