Aviation Accreditation

Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI) Accreditation

On February 17, 2012 the Westminster College Flight Operations and Aviation Management programs received AABI accreditation. The college is among a select group of other colleges and universities from around the world who have attained this status. Program accreditation assures students that they are attending a high-quality, professional program that is well-respected in the industry and which is continually reviewed by external auditors who are experts in their respective educational and professional fields.

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What is the purpose of AABI Accreditation?

"Accreditation assures students and prospective employers that an educational degree program has met stringent industry standards of quality. It ensures that graduates have received quality training and education and are capable of performing a broad range of professional responsibilities."

Accreditation has three fundamental purposes:

  1. To ensure the quality of the institution or programs
  2. To assist in the improvement of the institution or program
  3. To maintain relevance of education with the industry it serves

Source: AAB International 

The FAA January/February 2012 publication, "Safety Briefing" includes an article that discusses the importance of AABI accreditation.

What is the AABI Accreditation Process?

Specialized program accreditation (in addition to the college-wide and Gore School of Business accreditation) is a rigorous, multi-year process. We began formal accreditation efforts by submitting an application for candidacy in April 2010, followed by a 300-page self study report, which was submitted in April 2011. A campus visit by members of the accrediting team that took place in October 2011. The accreditation team submitted a report of their findings to the AABI Executive Board, which reviewed the report and granted accreditation to Westminster's aviation programs in February 2012.

Once approved for accreditation, institutions are continuously reviewed on a five-year cycle that includes additional self-study reports, accreditation team visits, and reports submitted to the AABI Executive Board for review and an accreditation decision.

Westminster is currently in its next "self study" year and our next report is due spring 2016. Upon succesfful review of the self-study report, we expect our next AABI accreditation visit to take place in fall 2016 with a formal announcement of accreditation status to be made February 2017.

The accreditation process gives institutions the opportunity to completely review their program and demonstrate to outside evaluators how well the program meets the needs of students who want to work in the aviation industry, and the needs of aviation industry professionals who want to hire highly-qualified pilots and administrators.