High School Concurrent Enrollment

What was your favorite class during high school? How about the one that taught you how to fly?

Westminster offers flight training to high school students under an enrollment option now available through the aviation department. In this program, students earn up to 5 college credits while they are completing high school graduation requirements. Students in this program are billed $100 per academic credit. This program is offered each spring, with classes beginning in January.

Here's how it works.

High school seniors attend their high school classes during the early part of the day and then, on two days a week, attend a two-hour class on (AVFL 121-Foundations of Flight) the Westminster campus. This is a 3-credit class.

Upon completion of the course, students are prepared to take the FAA Private Pilot written exam (administered on campus in our testing center).

A passing score on this test is required in order to take a Private Pilot check ride with an FAA-designated examiner (to earn Private Pilot certificate). Test results are good for 24 months.

Do you meet admission requirements? You do if you:

  • Have a minimum high school GPA of 3.0
  • Have written permission from your parent or guardian
  • Can provide a letter of recommendation from a high school principal, guidance counselor, or teacher.
  • Want to learn how to fly and take a college class!

How to get into the class

  • Apply to Westminster. Click here for application information.
  • Contact Gail Avendaño by calling 801.832.2671 or emailing and let her know you want to enroll. (She'll take care of the rest).

How to get set up with flight training

If, in addition to taking the ground school class twice per week, you also want to take flight lessons, there are two additional flight labs that you will take. You may take the flight labs (flight lessons) while you are taking the Foundations of Flight class or after the class is completed. The decision about when to begin flight lessons should be based on:

  • Your availability. You will need to be available to fly about three times per  week. Each flight block is about three hours long. Flight are conducted at the Flight Operations Center, located at the Salt Lake City International Airporrt and flight lessons are conducted seven days per week. When you sign up for a flight lab, you will let us know when you are available to fly and we will assign you to an instructor whose schedule fits with yours. Some students have schedules that allow them to finish high school classes, take the ground school, and fly, but others decide it's better to wait until classes are over and focus on flying during the late spring and summer months.
  • Your ability to pay for flight lessons. Flight training costs are charged in addition to tuition. Each flight lab is worth one college credit and incurs an additional cost of about $6000. 

The bottom line

If your goal is to earn your Private Pilot certificate, you can do so with Westminster for a total estimated cost of $15,000.

Attending college classes at Westminster, flying Piper Archers at the Salt Lake International Airport, and earning your Private PIlot certificate all before you begin regular college classes in the fall?

Now THAT sounds like a great summer. We'd love to have you join us!