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Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about the Gore School of Business compared to other schools?

Many business schools focus only on theory, and believe that classes should only cover one subject area--accounting discusses accounting and nothing else. Other schools advertise that they are practical in nature--in other words, "if A occurs, then B is the correct response." However, the real-business world does not work like either of these. The faculty of the Gore School of Business believe that you should receive a solid theoretical foundation, balanced with plenty of practice. Understanding theory helps you understand general relationships between business events, and the practical `hands-on` application gives you an understanding of how to apply the theory in real-world situations. Faculty members spend a significant amount of time drawing connections between different subject areas as well, discussing marketing issues in accounting classes, for example. This gives you a clear understanding of how parts fit together in business.

Is this what the corporate world wants?

Faculty in the Gore School of Business meet with many different corporate advisory boards each month discussing what it is you should know and be able to do to be successful. The lists generated during these meetings are then added into the curriculum. For instance, executives have told us that you need to have several very specific skills when you graduate, such as ability to critically think, ability to communicate in multiple forms, and ability to use analytical tools. The faculty have therefore incorporated these and many other skills into various courses. While you are learning economics, for example, you will learn about these skills at the same time, meaning you graduate with strong skills in your major area, and the specific skills executives are looking for when hiring.

How long will it take me to graduate?

That depends on you. You may be a very busy person with a job and family obligations, or you may be trying to go as quickly as possible. Classes are scheduled to accommodate all situations. Many upper-division required courses are available in both day and evening sessions.

How many hours should I budget each week to be prepared for classes?

This also depends on you. Some students need more in certain classes while others need less. The best answer is this--make sure you spend enough time on your classes to acquire the skills you will need to be successful in your desired career. When you graduate, your ability to be excellent in your chosen field will be a function of how much you invest in your education. If you choose to do as little as possible, and therefore learn very little, it will show in your performance in your interviews or in your first job. On the other hand, if you invest heavily, and therefore learn a lot, you will be that much more prepared to excel in your job. Sometimes this means that you must make some sacrifices during your education given your limited time, but this also is an investment that will pay off later.

Where do graduates of Westminster get jobs?

All over the world! Graduates of Westminster College are working in top firms all over the world. Of course, your ability to secure a position with one of the world's top firms means that you need to be able to perform at the highest level. That is a function of your personal investment and the quality of your education. The faculty of the Gore School of Business is dedicated to providing you with a world-class education, if you are willing to do your part--study, apply, participate in classes, and actively seek knowledge.

Why is the Business School called the "Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business"?

Bill Gore was an alumnus of Westminster College. He met his future wife, Vieve, at Westminster. Later in life, he founded W. L. Gore and Associates, a privately-held multinational firm. One of their most recognizable products is Gore-Tex. The Gore family has been, and continues to be, very generous in supporting Westminster College, and the business school is proud to carry their name. Explore W.L. Gore & Associates.