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AWE + SUM Girls Camp

June 20–23, 2016 


The AWE+SUM Camp is a 4 day residential camp for girls who are entering the 8th grade the following fall.  Girls stay in a residence hall at Westminster with numerous chaperones at night, and they are well-chaperoned during the day as well. The camp gives girls a chance to experience a college campus, with lots of fun activities: science + math hands-on workshops (see the following samples of past workshops below), mixed up with swimming and other on-campus activities, plus a chance to hike in the nearby canyons. Not only do girls see that college is exciting and fun, but also we hope they will learn about many interesting career options in science-related fields.

An applicant to the camp submits an application form and also asks one of her math or science teachers to submit a teacher recommendation form for her. In our first round of acceptances, by April 1, 2016, we’ll admit no more than 2 girls per school, with an exception below*. If there are still openings in the camp beyond that date, the limit of 2 girls per school will be waived. On the form, girls and their parents are asked to indicate what they can afford to pay for the camp, from $0 to $300. The actual cost per girl for the camp is close to $400, but generous donors to the program make it possible for us to charge less for attendance.  In fact, we grant many full scholarships each year. (Thank you to our donors!!  See the list  below.) And if you or your employer would like to become a donor to AWE+SUM, please contact Carolyn Connel at Westminster: 801-832-2402.

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Contact Camp Director Dr. Carolyn Connell with any questions about the camp.

*Exception:  Daughters, sisters, etc. of Westminster’s faculty, staff and students may attend the camp and may bring one friend to the camp, as well.  These girls do not count against the limit of 2 girls per school, but they do still need to fill out the application form and have a teacher send in the recommendation form.



A Sampling of Workshops

  • Design an App: Learn how to program your very own phone app.
  • To Wash or Not to Wash: Extract penicillin from yucky mold and use it to kill nasty bacteria.
  • Stream Team Critters: Find out about the creatures living in our streams and how to keep the streams healthy.  
  • Wind Chimes: Choose your own musical chord and build wind chimes for that chord.
  • Code Masters: Encode secret messages to send your friends: coding and breaking codes. 
  • Kaleidoscope: Build your own kaleidoscope and learn some geometry in the process. 


Additional Donors

Additional private donors



We are grateful to our generous donors who make it possible to offer this program at such an affordable price. Thank you!