Bike Collective Mechanic Working on a Bike

Bike Collective and Resources

Westminster Bicycle Collective

A do-it-yourself facility with professional tools and expert bike technician advice located at 1780 S 1200 E near the Organic Garden.

Membership is FREE for students, faculty, and staff.


Hours of Operation

Open by appointment only for the winter season. Email to set up a meeting with a tech.

Bicycle Collective Services

Westminster College and the Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective have teamed up to create a branch of the collective right here on campus! A bicycle collective is a group of people who care about biking and use it for transportation, recreation, or a combination of the two. A collective also gives people an outlet for biking support in the form of maintenance and community.

DIY Bike Shop

Work with mechanics to learn how to repair and maintain your own bike. Stop by and ask questions, talk to other bike enthusiasts, and see what is new in the biking community.

Membership is FREE for all students, faculty, staff and alumni and includes access to all the Collective's professional tools and expert technician advice, as well as tubes, locks, and other basic merchandise for sale.

Sturdy U-locks are available during collective hours for only $25.

Westminster Wheels Free bike rentals

Westminster Wheels is designed to provide an alternative transportation option and encourage Westminster students, faculty and staff to bike to their destinations around campus. Members of the Westminster community can check out a bicycle, helmet, light and lock at no cost.


A group of students noticed the increased number of cars on campus, lack of carpooling, parking lot congestion, and winter smog. These students wanted to improve the city’s air quality, minimize campus traffic and maximize campus efficiency, so they designed a free bike program, modeled on similar campus and community programs around the country. Westminster Wheels seeks to spark interest in alternative transportation and earth-friendly technologies while minimizing campus and community traffic, reducing carbon emissions, and fueling environmental discussion and awareness.

How to Join

  1. Become a member by signing up at the Westminster Bicycle Collective. We do not require your blood or soul, just a one-time registration form and signature.
  2. Check out a bike, helmet, lock and light. Yes, you should ALWAYS wear a helmet while riding.
  3. Ride away into the sunset and return the bike in good condition the next day.

Please remember, bicyclists are supposed to follow the same road rules as cars do, this means stopping at lights and stop signs, and signaling which way you’ll turn. This also means it is your legal right to ride in traffic lanes (provided there is no designated bike lane)! Be assertive and alert while riding, wear a helmet, and have lights on you bike at night.

Bicycle parking on campus

Bicycle racks are located adjacent to most buildings on Westminster's campus.

Covered Bicycle Parking

Westminster has several partially or fully covered bike parking spots on campus, including the following locations

  • Meldrum Science Center (west side)
  • Walker Hall (north side)
  • Nightengale Hall (east side)
  • Eccles Health & Wellness Center (partial, east side)
  • Stock, Behnken, and Olwell Halls (partial, by main entrances)

Restricted-Access Bicycle Cage

Located on the main level of the Northwest Parking Structure, the bicycle cage has parking space for over 50 bikes. You must be a Westminster student, faculty, or staff to receive access to the cage. You will need your bike's make, model, and serial number or SL County registration number to complete the access request form below.

After completing the online form below, your Westminster ID card will be activated within two business days. Tap your card on the bottom of the card reader/punch code box on the door to the cage. Once you have access, please be courteous to other cage users and remember the following:

  • Lock your bike securely to the racks inside the cage. While the cage is designed to increase security, it does not guarantee against theft.
  • Do not allow anyone else access to the bicycle cage with your card. The added security of the bicycle cage depends on limiting who has access.
  • Park your bicycle appropriately so that it takes up only one space and maximizes available parking stalls.
  • Access does not guarantee a space. Parking in the bicycle cage is first to come, first served.
  • Make sure the door to the cage is closed and latched when you leave.
Status (required)
Bicycle Information
Second Bicycle Information (if applicable)

Bicycle cage users agree to the following:

  • I will not allow anyone else access to the bicycle cage with my card. I understand that the added security of the bicycle cage comes from restricting access and will not loan out my card to others or allow others to enter with my card.
  • I agree to park my bicycle appropriately. I will park my bike so that it takes up only one space and maximizes available parking stalls.
  • I understand that access does not guarantee me a space, and parking in the bicycle cage is first come, first served.
  • I understand that my bicycle should be locked securely at all times while in the bicycle cage.
  • I understand that access to the bicycle cage is a strategy to increase its security and not a guarantee against theft or damage.

By clicking the button below, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the rules included above. I understand that by receiving access to the bicycle cage Westminster does not assume responsibility for loss, theft, or damage to bikes parked therein. I hereby assume all these risks, agree to be responsible for any damages or injuries that result from my use of the facility, and release Westminster College, its employees, volunteers, students, and agents from any claim for damages, losses, or costs. I understand that access to the bicycle cage is a privilege and failure to follow these rules could result in termination of my access.