Great Salt Lake (GSL) is a unique, understudied, and underestimated national landmark. As one of the extreme ecosystems of the world, where life is tested to its limits, GSL provides new territory for exploration, learning and stewardship. We invite you to join with us in our quest to understand the lake and all that it offers.

State of the Salt Lake Lecture

On October 28, Great Salt Lake Audubon and Great Salt Lake Institute at Westminster College hosted a panel discussion, "State of the Lake". This interactive panel discussion covered issues involved in the receding shoreline of Great Salt Lake. Topics included effects on human health, impact on wildlife, legal questions, and legislative issues.


  • John Luft, Utah Department of Wildlife Resources Great Salt Lake Ecosystem Program
  • Dr. Brian Moench, Utah Physicians for a Healty Environment
  • Joel Briscoe, Utah House of Representatives
  • Erica Gaddis, Utah Department of Water Quality
  • Moderator: Brian Maffly, Salt Lake Tribune