Gender Neutral Restrooms

Westminster College is committed to providing all students, faculty, and staff with safe, inclusive restrooms. Below is a list and map of Westminster's gender-neutral bathrooms, many of which use signage donated by SmartSign.

Campus Map of Gender-Neutral and Accessible Restrooms
Alumni House3 accessible; 1 upper level, 2 lower level
Behnken Hall1 accessible; laundry facilities
Carleson Hall2 non-accessible; main lounge (locked—ask an RA or START Center)
Converse Hall2 accessible; fourth floor

1 non-accessible; weight room

2 accessible; first floor (including family restroom)

Foster Hall

3 non-accessible; 3 accessible; second, third, and fourth floors

Giovale Library 1 accessible; main floor
Hogle Hall2 accessible; main lounge
Jewett Center2 non-accessible; behind Black Box Theatre
Meldrum Science Center2 non-accessible; fourth floor
Olwell Hall1 non-accessible; laundry facilities
Shaw Student Center

1 accessible; first floor

1 non-accessible; basement

START Center1 non-accessible
Walker Hall2 non-accessible