Education & Training

Provide ongoing education and training on issues of power, privilege, and oppression.

Heritage Speaker Series

These campus-wide talks coincide with Heritage and Awareness programs that focus on a different historically underrepresented group each month. This series features nationally recognized scholars, activists, and community leaders.

Legacy Graduation

In the spirit of Lavender and Raza Graduations, this end of year celebration highlights the accomplishments of graduating students from first-generation, underrepresented, and marginalized backgrounds. A major cornerstone of this celebration pays tribute to graduating students along with their family and community support systems.

Legacy Scholarship Program

The Legacy Scholars Program focuses on the social and academic integration of first-generation and traditionally underrepresented students. This program provides student cohorts with academic support, scholarship enrichment, faculty to peer mentorship, scholastic and professional preparation. The Legacy Scholars Program is a collaboration between the Student Diversity and Inclusion Center and the Dumke Center for Civic Engagement.

Queer Compass

Queer Compass is a student lead, administrative supported, initiative meant to better serve the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, Asexual/Ally+ (LGBTQIA+) population on Westminster's campus by fostering a sense of community, visibility, and openness. Queer Compass will hold a monthly meeting in which attendees will be able to participate in multifaceted, intersectional, dialogues surrounding issues of marginalization, victimization, safety, power, privilege, identity, gender, sexuality, navigating higher education and opportunities for growth. Queer Compass will introduce and educate about resources and availability both on campus and in the community at large. The goals of Queer Compass are to provide an environment in which participants can feel safe and supported by not only the community of other attendees but Westminster College as a whole.

Gender Neutral Bathroom Initiative

With the generous donation of gender neutral bathroom signage from SmartSign, we are working to make Westminster College's bathrooms inclusive for all on campus.


The S-Cubed Program provides financial and academic support for Westminster students majoring in computer science, physics, or mathematics. Participants benefit from an early exploration of topics in these fields, interactions with professionals and mentors, and a strong cohort of peers. The goal of this program is to increase student success in computer science, physics, and mathematics.

Gender Neutral Language Initiative

Westminster's website is typically the first point of contact with the college for prospective students. Following the college-wide learning goal of "Global consciousness, social responsibility, and ethical awareness," we are working to remove all gender-specific language (e.g. he, her) to promote inclusion for all incoming and current students-especially for gender non-conforming students who feel marginalized by such language.

Additonal Programs