Outdoor Experience

Outdoor Experience 2019

August 12–16, 2019

Begin your Westminster experience with the outdoor program, learning outdoor skills and meeting fellow first-year students while exploring Utah's landscape. Outdoor Experience is a pre-orientation program that complements the first-year student orientation. Trips are inclusive and open to individuals of all skill levels, including students with no prior experience. We also work with honors, international students, and some athletes to ensure everyone can participate in an outdoor experience in addition to their respective orientations. This program is for incoming first-year students only and space is limited.

Westminster's Outdoor Experience program is designed to facilitate a more positive transition to college life by:

  • Building a community and meaningful relationships in a dynamic and fun setting
  • Challenging students with experiences that promote opportunities for leadership, reflection of personal strengths and challenges, responsibility, communication, respect for differences, and self-confidence
  • Providing a forum for students to discuss and process their thoughts and feelings about entering college with peers and mentors
  • Drawing parallels and comparisons from the trip to the college setting, ultimately helping students learn more about themselves and how they might cope with challenging situations in the future
  • Developing an appreciation for the outdoors and providing students with a connection to the Outdoor Program

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