2015 Residential Advisors

Resident Advisors over see approximately 35 students who live in their residence halls. They perform weekly on-call duties, help with check-in/out, coordinate hall programs, mediate roommate conflicts, and hold monthly hall meetings. As the eyes and ears of the Office of Residence Life, these peer leaders work hard to provide a safe, secure, and academic environment in the residence halls and to build a positive social environment for students to live in.

Being a Resident Advisor is a difficult job but also very rewarding. Many RAs enjoy building a sense of community among their residents and working with diverse people. They learn how to balance various aspects of their lives and resolve concerns over school, life, relationships, and residents.

However, this job is not for everyone. RAs must be willing to give up personal time and space. They must also make sacrifices for others. The RA position is a true learning experience. The benefits, growing experiences, and new friendships make this tough job worth doing!

Resident Advisor Programming

Our Resident Advisor staff works diligently to come up with programs for their residents. The RAs host programs both individually and partnered with other RAs and campus resources throughout the school year.

Hall Programs

Programs in the halls range across the spectrum from social to educational to diversity and much more!

Past Programs

  • "Pet Rock Door Stops" in September on Jake's floor where residents on the third floor of Carleson Hall decorated rocks to hold their doors open on their floor and encourage residents to be social.
  • Or "Karaoke Night" with the RAs in Olwell. Student's living in all areas of campus came and sang their hearts out for everyone in attendance.
  • Join Cozy on the third floor of Hogle for "Identity Pizza." Talk about who you are as a person and eat some delicious pizza.
  • Come and hang out with Andrea for "Family Dinner Night." Make a great meal with the RA and then just talk and get to know one another.
  • Smash gourds with Adam at "Gourd Baseball" to relieve some stress. Hit gourds with a baseball bat to minimize the stressors that may be impacting your life.

Apply to Become an RA

Application and Job Description for 2017–2018

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Who is Your RA?

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Carleson 1

Unoccupied for 2015–2016 academic year.

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Carleson 2

Residential Advisor Moriah


Originally from Colorado, Moriah moved to Utah to join the Westminster community, and is currently enrolled as an international business major. She has loved sports since the time she could walk and would love a pick-up game of volleyball or basketball (especially) anytime. She is willing to try new things (so long as it is legal), and loves the experiences that come from reaching outside her comfort zone. If she was trapped on a deserted island and could take one thing it would be a mass library containing books of all genres and sizes, books ranging from survival guides to fairy tales.

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Carleson 3

Residential Advisor Jake


Jake was born in Salt Lake City but grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is the eldest of 6 and working on his degree in Biology with intentions to go to med school. He enjoys almost any outdoor activity, specifically climbing, hiking, snowboarding ect. He also enjoys playing music, building things and cooking. An interesting fact about him is that he has worn Tie Dye every day for roughly the last 9 or 10 years straight.

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Hogle 1

Residential Advisor Nishan


Nishan is sophomore at Westminster and is yet to decide on his major. He is a first year RA, who comes from Nepal. Besides being an RA, he works in the E-portfolio lab on campus and is a member of Griffin Quest. He enjoys playing sports, video games, watching TV series and is always willing to try new things.

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Hogle 2

Residential Advisor Nick


Nick is a senior who will be finishing his B.A. in English. Originally from Reno, NV, his favorite hobbies include playing baseball, soccer, and occasionally lacrosse. In the ongoing argument between Batman vs. Superman, Nick sides with Batman because of his willpower and moral integrity while being a vigilante. His taste for music changes as often as the weather, but Nick can always enjoy almost any genre of music. Most importantly, Nick loves to make friends, so if you ever see him on campus, never be too shy to say hi!

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Hogle 3

Residential Advisor Cozy


Cozy grew up in Park City, UT and both of her parents teach at the local high school. She has an identical twin sister who studies Special Education at Utah State. Cozy is studying Political Science/Public Health and would minor in Game of Thrones if she could. She can often be found playing ping pong downstairs in the gym or studying outside. In her free time Cozy enjoys being a student health ambassador for Students for Choice, walking in Sugarhouse Park and exploring the greater Salt Lake area. Cozy roots for Utah Football, Giants baseball and Jazz basketball. She has a special affinity for lame jokes/puns and pop culture references.

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Olwell 1

Residential Advisor Joel


Joel is a high energy and eccentric individual going into his third year as an RA. He is going to be a senior this year at Westminster studying Environmental Studies with a Physics minor. Math and Physics are his two favorite subjects. Some of his favorite hobbies include swimming, hiking, running, and watching movies. He is constantly on the go and loves his life here in Salt Lake City.

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Olwell 2

Residential Advisor Andrea


Andrea is originally from Peru, she moved to Salt Lake when she was seven years old. She loves doing anything outside from hiking and rock climbing to swimming and snowboarding. Andrea has been all over Utah, camping and hiking her way through the dessert and now wants to go visit the beach. She is a Neuroscience major hoping to get into medical school after she graduates. Andrea enjoys meeting new people and is a part of several clubs on campus such as ACS, and Latin@.

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Olwell 3

Residential Advisor Nicole


Nicole is a first generation college student and has just finished her freshman year studying English here at Westminster. She is currently the LGBT+ Program Planner for the Westminster College Diversity Center, where she networks with other LGBT+ organizations as well as helps provide resources for the LGBT+ population on campus. Outside of school or work, Nicole can be found socializing with cats at the Best Friends Animal Shelter, grabbing a drink from Sugarhouse Coffee or writing and performing poetry with Westminster Slam. Nicole’s favorite colors are Lime Green and Purple, favorite movie is RENT and she is excited to be an RA this year. Nicole loves meeting new people and spontaneous adventures, so if you see her around don’t hesitate to say hi, introduce yourself, and chat for a while!

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Behnken 1

Residential Advisor Kent


Kent is a junior at Westminster College studying Biology and Chemistry. He is also a Pre-Med student so he spends a lot of his free time participating in extracurricular activities including volunteer work and physician shadowing as well as getting exposure to the medical field by working in hospitals and clinics. Although he was born in Southern California, Kent considers his hometown to be Park City, Utah. He has loved growing up in Utah and taking part in all the outdoor activities Utah has to offer. He particularly enjoys skiing and has worked for the past few years as a Ski Patroller at Canyons Resort. Kent is also President of the Pre-Professional Health Society club, Vice-President of the American Chemical Society club, an Associate Chair on the Student Activities Committee and a Student Mentor for the coming year. Kent loves Westminster College and he is excited to work with the incoming students!

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Behnken 2

Residential Advisor Holden


Holden was born in Salt Lake City in 1995 one month after The Smashing Pumpkins released their third studio album, Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness?. That's how his Dad tells the story, and he hopes that it wasn't foreshadowing. Holden is currently a first-year student in the Honors Program studying Philosophy. He'd like to pursue a PhD and become a professor in the future. His favorite thing to listen to, read about, write about, and talk about is music. His favorite band is The Smiths. In his spare time he likes to read, write, watch movies, listen to music, play soccer, have conversations with close friends, and if the weather is right he loves venturing into the city or the mountains.

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Behnken 3

Residential Advisor Aimee


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Stock LL and 1

Residential Advisor Kyle


Kyle is currently a senior studying business though he came to this college to study art. He is a great example of how most people change their majors in college. He manages the Photography Lab on campus and works with the Environmental Center. In his free time he enjoys fly fishing, spending time at the gym and playing board games that take a long time to explain.

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Stock 2

Residential Advisor Sarah


Sarah is from a small town in Oregon called Newberg. She has an older sister who attends Utah State and two younger brothers still in the nest of Newberg. Her sister and she love creating short movies, skits, and scripts in a collection of random-themed, family home movies. Sugarhouse is her humble-abode, although she loves to casually explore the niches of Salt Lake City. Throughout her freshman year, she grew to love Westminster more and more as an active student on-campus involved in WC Senate on the Student Initiatives Committee, Students for Choice Club as a Student Health Ambassador, and is thrilled to be on the Res-Life Team as the RA for Stock and the SAC Team as the Social Media and Marketing Associate Chair. Two things she would highly encourage to incoming freshman is to become involved in the Westminster campus, community, and culture while prioritizing and managing your time to succeed in classes, and to simply have fun! She is always up (or down) to chill or chat, just stop by and say hello!

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Stock 3

Residential Advisor Jess


Jess loves being a part of the Residence Life team and this is her second year as an RA. She is currently a junior pursuing a biology major and chemistry minor. She is from Southern Utah, and feels lucky enough to live less than 30 minutes away from the beautiful Zion National Park! She enjoys being a part of Westminster community and feels that the best way to get the most out of Westminster is to get involved and find your niche on campus. She is looking forward to meeting you all, and having an awesome year.

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Villa Darvi

Residential Advisor Riley


Riley is a junior at Westminster College, and is majoring in neuroscience. He is from eastern Idaho and enjoys hiking, climbing, and skiing. He also loves playing music, and can occasionally be spotted at local open mics. Riley is a member of the Honors program, a senator in the Associated Students of Westminster College, a research assistant in the Westminster neuroscience lab, and the president of Westminster’s book club, the Society Of Unlimited Literature (S.O.U.L.). All of these interests and activities contribute to Riley’s interest and ability when helping students succeed through his role as a Resident Assistant.

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Residential Advisor Bibek


Bibek is a third year RA, who comes from Nepal to pursue his undergraduate studies in Economics and Theatre at Westminster. Bibek enjoys playing sports, specifically Soccer and Cricket. Besides sports, Bibek enjoys doing theatre, watching movies, going on adventures and trying new things. AND GAME OF THRONES!!!

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Draw 2 and 3

Residential Advisor Felix


Felix is an international student from Germany studying Global Politic and Development at Westminster. I love to think and talk about everything that is related to global, social, political, cultural or economic topics. Other than that, I am doing a lot martial arts and other activities that keep me active and busy.

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Draw 4

Residential Advisor Madison


Madison is a junior majoring in Theatre, minoring in English, with an emphasis in unemployment. Most of her time is spent at her job as Red Lobster host and as an Admissions Student Caller, or doing neat theatre things. But she does make time for hiking, binging on Netflix, baking pies (or cake. She doesn’t discriminate), learning useless facts, and being sassy. She is a native Utahn with three older sisters (who taught her everything she knows about being a super cool person), five cats, two dogs, and a few cacti. Her pet peeves include being called Maddie and the obsession with red velvet cake. As of now, all Madison really wants out of life is to learn to ski, stop sucking at speaking French, and meet her idol, the Rev. Dr. Stephen T. Colbert. (So, you know, pretty normal things)

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Draw 5

Residential Advisor Adam


Adam is a Junior, from Longmont Colorado. He loves activities that involve the outdoors, such as skiing, snowboarding, Mountain biking, camping, fishing, and hiking. He plays midfield on the school’s Lacrosse team. He is involved with the environmental club, the bike collective, along with a few others around school. He is majoring in environmental studies with a minor in outdoor leadership. He loves to have fun and is always up for new adventures.

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