Olwell Hall

Olwell HallOpened in Fall of 1998 and named for former trustee William H. Olwell, Olwell Hall was the first of three new residence halls built during the presidency of Peggy Stock (1995–2002) to house our increasing campus population. Stock, Behnken, and Olwell halls are home to our resident students. All three buildings provide students the opportunity to live on campus in apartment-style housing. Students have their own rooms and share an apartment with up to five other people. The Halls also have laundry rooms, 24-hour security, Internet access in each room, and recreation rooms.

ADA Compliancy

Accessible entrances: west
ADA compliant rooms: five
Accessible restrooms: one, lobby
Automatic doors: one, west
Elevator(s)/Lift(s): one
Reserved parking: west, Reserved Residential Parking Lot