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Current Students

The Career Center can help you to....

Explore career and major options 
Make an appointment to discuss your individual situatuion and find out which career assessments and programs are available to help you make decisions.

 Find an intenship or a job
  •  Use Employment Wizardour online job board for full and part-times jobs and for internships.
  • Click here for on-campus student jobs. 
  • Make an appointment and find out about the power of networking - learn how to be part of the 75% of people who get their jobs through networking. 

Set up an Internship 
Students who are required to (or would like to) complete an internship for credit are registered through our office.  We can help students find an internship and explain the registration process.

Create a resume and/or cover letter 
Make sure that yours will get put into the YES pile!

Be a STAR at your interview
Discuss interview strategies and request a mock interview.

Get Into Graduate school
Our office can help students research graduate programs, critique application essays, and prepare application materials.

Figure Out What Employers are Looking For. Yearly, the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE) publishes what employers are looking for in college graduates. The latest results are: