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Job Search Tools

Job Search Tools

Getting started on your job search often takes motivation. Someone at the Career Center would like to meet with you to help you get started. Also use the following resources to make your job search effective.

Resumes Job Hunting
Cover Letters Career Tips
Networking Skills Salary Calculators
Interviewing Skills Who Hires our Grads



A resume is a sales document about YOU. How to write a targeted resumes that will make you
stand out from the crowd.

- Guidelines and tips (pgs 1-2)
- 2 sample chronological resumes (pgs 3-4)
- Sample skills resume with examples of how to group sections (pgs 5-6)
- Great resume words that will get you noticed (pg 7)
- Reference available on request (pg 8)

Additional resume resources

Cover Letters

Send a cover letter to demonstrate your interest in the company, your writing skills, your personality, and your enthusiasm for the job.
Also includes tips on Thank You and Prospecting letters 

Networking Skills

It is estimated that networking is used in 75% of all successful job searches.


Interviewing Skills

PREPARING for an interview.

Job Hunting

Career Tips

Salary Calculator

Ever wonder what salary you should expect? Research to establish your salary expectations before an interview.

Who Hires our Grads?

 Where do Westminster graduates find jobs? Everywhere! 

Where Westminster Students have Interned (2010 - 2013)