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About Us

Mission & Vision

Mission of the Diversity & International Center

The Diversity & International Center recognizes diversity and internationalization as essential to academic excellence and views equity as vital to the Westminster College Community. Through mentoring, programming, and collaboration with students, our goals are to

  • Foster student learning, leadership, and identity development
  • Build genuine community among and within diverse groups
  • Advocate for and provide safe, inclusive learning environments for all students.

In addition, our programs and activities support the college-wide learning goals, particularly emphasizing their relationship to issues relative to ability, age, class, ethnicity, gender identity, immigration status, national origin, race, sexual orientation, and religion, as well as privilege, power, and activism for social justice. Recognizing that educational and societal inequities exist, the Center works with and advocates for groups that have been historically marginalized in higher education.

To meet the needs of international students and students who wish to study abroad the Center offers

  • Comprehensive immigration services and support for F and J visa holders
  • Programming and support for all students with an international background
  • Advising and support for all aspects of study abroad, including program selection, credit transfer, financial resources, health and safety, and re-entry.

Vision of the Diversity & International Center

The Diversity & International Center will be a leader in ensuring that the Westminster Community is an inclusive, diverse, globally conscious community of learners whose knowledge, experience, and skills prepare and encourage us to be responsible citizens of the world. This thriving, active Center offers a range of programming, discussion groups, and activities united by a mission that is clear and focused, yet flexible enough to meet the evolving needs of the campus community.