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Additional Programs

Additional Programs


First Generation Network

The First Generation Network is a new program designed to support students who are the first in their family to attend college, aka first generation college students. This program also seeks to support students historically underrepresented in higher education; including African American, American Indian, Asian American, Latin, and Pacific Islander students.

The First Generation Network will engage participants during their first year of college through fun social activities, culturally relevant events and programs as well as one on one interactions with historically underrepresented students who have completed their first year at Westminster.

To join the network contact Vannessa Vega at v.chelsea.vega@gmail.com or Lu Marzulli at lmarzulli@westminstercollege.edu


Diversity Heritage and Awareness Lectures

These campus-wide talks coincide with Heritage and Awareness programs that focus on a different historically underrepresented group each month. This series features nationally recognized scholars, activists, and community leaders.


Additional Programs