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Clemente Program

What is Clemente?

Westminster College faculty and students from the Honors Program are exciting underserved high school students at East High School about college through the Clemente Course in the Humanities, a new community partnership with East High and the University of Utah Honors College. The Utah Humanities Council initiated and directs the project.

The Clemente course is an interdisciplinary, elective humanities course for high school sophomores who hope to be the first in their families to attend college. A highly experiential, discussion-based course, Clemente brings college faculty to east high to teach philosophy, art history, literature and history. An honors English teacher from East High School teaches the critical writing section. The course is coordinated at East through the AVID (Advancement through Individual Determination) program. University neighborhood partners assists the effort through supporting the development of parent involvement.

This spring, Westminster College film professor Sean Desilets, assisted by Honors Program student, Willy Palomo, will teach literature. History professor Gary Marquardt, assisted by Nicole Bedera, will teach history.
The Clemente course has been made possible through contributions from all of its community partners and through a generous grant from alternative visions.

For more information on the Clemente course, contact Lance Newman at To read a feature story on the Clemente's inaugural year, click here


What Students are Saying About Clemente

"[Through Clemente] I learn about things that are not in your everyday high school curriculum. I think critically and actually enjoy discussions in class. It’s something new every day and because of this, I find myself being more and more engaged in my other classes as well, such as language arts and chemistry."

Kartrina, 16

"The Clemente program has helped me open my mind and view the world in a different way… I’m more comfortable standing in front of people to talk, making new friends, and am not afraid to ask questions."

Yair, 15

"Clemente has helped me become a better student by helping me think more deeply about different subjects and understand topics in a deeper and different way. I love the way it helps me think."

Dayerlin, 15



Special thanks to Troy Horne for contributing his music to this project.