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ALC MED Program

Adult Learning Certificate and Master of Education (ALC MED)

The Adult Learning Certificate and Master of Education degree enable those who teach, train, and administer educational programs for adults to strengthen their skills and improve their practice.

Students in the program

  • Explore how adults learn

  • Develop skills in a variety of teaching methods

  • Plan and evaluate adult educational programs such as workshops, trainings, classes, and professional development programs

  • Develop basic administrative skills

  • Learn to use technologies to teach

  • Explore ethical and social issues of adult education

Students in the program apply their course projects in a variety of settings such as: corporate training, law enforcement, adult basic education, continuing medical education, patient education, coaching, flight training, environmental education, educational administration and professional development for K-12 teachers.

The Adult Learning Certificate(ALC)consists of five courses:

  • Introduction to Adult Education

  • Theories of Adult Learning and Development

  • Teaching Adults

  • Adult Education Program Planning and Evaluation

  • Instructional Technology

  • Students who wish to complete the Master of Education take 9 credits of electives and an 8-credit research project.

The electives deepen understanding of topics such as:
  • Teaching Methods

  • Computer-based Instruction

  • Administrative Leadership

  • Sociocultural Contexts of Education

  • Effects of Diversity on Learning

The research project enables students to explore an area of practice that could be improved through a process of systematic research and application of results.

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