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Eco Living Floor


The Eco living floor will provide students with opportunities to make personal efforts toward sustainability in their everyday lives and in the Westminster community.

1.    Program Development: Create Goals, Outcomes and Assessments
Throughout the school year the Eco Living floor will strive to provide students with collaborative hands on learning opportunities to increase their knowledge surrounding sustainable living.  Through the following 6 core themes students will be able to connect and critically examine alternatives solutions, to make informed decisions about their lifestyle choices surrounding green living practices on campus and in their Westminster community:

1. Engage and connect with energy conservation:
Through participation in the annual energy challenge student will have the opportunity to increasing their knowledge surrounding energy consumption and actively reduce their energy usage while mentoring their peers to be mindful of their daily energy usage.

2. Water conservation: 4 Liter Challenge
Through Participating in the 4 liter challenge students will engage and connect with ways to reduce their campus water consumption while personally challenge themselves to live off 4 liters of water for 5 days. This will provide students with a gage of how much water do the y really need on a daily basis while generating and awareness of their global community of water-marginalized populations and to respect and care for their precious water resources.

3. Alternative transportation: Students will be encouraged to utilize the Bike Collective for free rental bikes as an alternative mode of transportation.  Students will also be encourage to utilize their UTA pass and recognize the importance of mass transit in the attempt to reduce our poor Air quality during winter inversion months. We will also have the campus bike collective organize a bike ride so students can learn about local resources just a bike ride away.

4. Mindful consumption: Students will take the GPA (Green Point Average) this will serve as a tool to raise awareness of their over all consumption and offer ways to reduce waste and minimize their impact on the environment.

5. Recycling: Recycling Bins
Through recycling bins in each room and throughout the hall students will have the opportunity to engage and participate in reducing their waste on campus and diminish their impact on the planet.

6. Organic gardening: Garden Work day and compost bins  ?Through Participation in the Organic Garden work days students will have the opportunity to connect with organic garden practices that provide access to locale healthy produce. Participation in the garden workday will offer students free healthy produce to take home. We will also provide interested students with a compost bin to minimize their total waste volume.?

Contact: Monica Ferreira, Environemntal Center Assistant Director

Resources for living green on campus:

Grow Your Own Food

Did you know Westminster has an organic garden? Helping out in the garden is a great way to get involved on campus, get volunteer hours, and take home some fresh veggies!  Learn more about how you can grow some of your own food right on campus here.

Green Your Res Hall Room

Click here for some quick tips about how to save energy in your dorm room.

Banish the Bottle

Folks on campus spend more money buying bottled water than any other food or drink item.  Choosing tap water instead saves money, water, and energy.  Learn more.

Cut the Paper

Check out these simple ideas for reducing paper waste and saving some trees.

Ride Your Bike

 Westminster offers tons of resources for commuter and recreational cyclists, including Westminster Wheels and the Westminster Bicycle Collective Do-it-Yourself Garage

Get on the Bus

Your Westminster ID card is also a premium UTA transit pass, meaning you ride free on all city buses, Trax, and Frontrunner. 


Doing Reaserch on Campus involving Campus Use Data?

Click here for campus greenhouse gas, natural gas, electricity, and air travel data.