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Westminster Honey Bee Program Sponsored by the Environmental Center  

Honey bees have been a subject of teaching and inquiry for decades. These marvelous insects are manageable and used to produce honey and pollinate crops. They are practical models of biological organization and social behavior.  Honey bee research at Westminster College will emphasizes sustainable bee health management as well as more basic questions on bee pollination and foraging ecology. In all its initiatives, the Westminster Pilot Honey Bee Program aims to develop research, teaching and extension initiatives that are locally responsive while globally relevant.


Westminster Hive Location:
Just south of the Giovale Library
near the three sisters garden

Visit Our Gentle Friends!  
But Do Not Disturb Them.

These bees are not aggressive and will
not disturb you unless you are bothering
their hive or blocking the entrance to their hive.

Visit Campus Helth Services or call 911

Monica Ferreira

 Meet Our Bee Staff:

Student Bee Keeper
Andrew Goldman


Community Bee Keeper
Cody Reeder

Staff Bee Keeper
Monica Ferreira
Environmental Center Community Outreach

Faculty Bee Keeper
Christine Clay Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Biology


Bee News........

National Honey Bee Survey shows winter losses down in 2011-2012.
UGA to help solve nationwide honeybee problems
USDA/AIA Survey Reports 2010/2011 Winter Honey Bee Losses

Honey Bee Science News

Varroa Sensitive Hygiene (VSH) Breeders Forum
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Bees' waggle dance disrupted by gravity
Honey's effects on human evolution excite UNLV anthropologist
Bees 'self-medicate' when infected with some pathogens
Honeybees Benefit From Queen's Promiscuity
To Kill Predators, Japanese Honeybees Surround Them in a 'Hot Defensive Bee Ball'
Honey bees in need of greater genetic diversity
Honeybees May Have Personality
Asian Honey Bees Defend Colony By Teaming Up & Shaking Their Bellies
Bee hive hums recorded to monitor insects' health
Honeybee deaths linked to seed insecticide exposure
Social or solitary: It's in bees' genes
House-hunting honey bees work like complex brains
Rarest of all bumblebees rediscovered in New Mexico mountains
Honey bee mystery protein is a freight train for health and lifespan
Microbe Research Harnesses Power of DNA Mapping Tools to Explore Metabolism and Disease
B.C. researchers trying to build a better bee to save species
Corte Madera scientist seeks help to save nation's bees
Bees' role in superbug fight

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