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Solar Power on Campus

Westminster SolarWestminster was the first college campus in Utah with on-site solar. Thanks to assistance from Rocky Mountain Power's Blue Sky Block Grant program, we now have three systems generating electricity on campus rooftops: 8kW on Eccles Health, Wellness & Athletic Center, 21kW on Meldrum Science Center, and 20 kW on the Jewett Center for Performing Arts. See live data on HWAC production and learn how solar works - click here.

Blue Sky Renewable Energy Partnership

In 2006, as a result of a student proposal, Westminster College began purchasing roughly 8-10% of the campus’s electricity through Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky renewable energy program.

Westminster College's Blue Sky purchase amounts to the same environmental benefit as planting 176,775 trees or not driving 1,927,500 miles each year.

Smart Energy Saving Tips

We all share responsibility for saving energy at Westminster.  Saving energy saves resources and money, while helping reduce pollution in our community.  Do your part to help reduce the use!

  1. LIGHTS OUT!  Even fluorescent lights should be turned off if you will be away for 15 minutes or more. 
  2. Turn off your computer monitor when you go to lunch or a meeting. Contrary to popular myth, this will not harm your monitor.
  3. Heating and cooling buildings typically uses the most energy on campus.  Dress for the season so that the office can be kept cooler during the winter and warmer during the summer.  Close curtains and blinds to keep sun out on summer days and heat in on winter nights.
  4. Create a closing ritual.  Many office electronics get left on all night.  Make it a habit to completely power down all computers & monitors, printers, shredders, etc. before you leave.   If your office has control of a thermostat, set that back to 62 degrees in the winter or up to 78 in the summer.

Westminster College Computer Purchasing

In order to be as energy efficient as possible and environmentally friendly, Westminster College makes an effort to make sure all computer desktops and monitors bought are EPEAT certified.

Doing Reaserch on Campus Energy Use?

Click here for raw energy data