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Eportfolio FAQs for students


1. Do I have to pay for foliotek after graduation? 


Summary:  Foliotek is the platform you use to create your portfolio; it’s not the portfolio itself. Like any programs you use on campus (e.g. Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite), you can take the work created with that program with you after graduation, but not the program itself.


2. Can I use something other than foliotek to create my presentation portfolio?

Answer:  Yes, you are welcome to use another platform as long as you link to (i.e. submit) your portfolio in foliotek.

NOTE: The college only has the resources to support one portfolio platform, which is foliotek. While you are welcome to use another program, Information Services and the Eportfolio Studio won’t be able to provide instruction or troubleshooting.

3. How are student eportfolios used for college accreditation?

Answer: Westminster uses a variety of direct and indirect assessments to measure student learning and provide evidence of our effectiveness as an institution. The eportfolio initiative is part of Westminster’s commitment to an active, student-centered learning experience.  Eportfolios are considered a more authentic, student-centered assessment than national standardized tests because they are specifically tailored to Westminster’s College Wide Learning Goals, and because they allow students to decide what to include as evidence of their learning.

4. Does anybody look at my midpoint portfolio?

Answer: Yes, every midpoint portfolio is evaluated by a team of faculty and instructional staff, and you are provided with feedback that will help inform your final, senior portfolio.

5. The eportfolio doesn’t have anything to do with my major.

Answer: The eportfolio requirement has two phases:

  • Phase 1 (the midpoint) evaluates the work you’ve done in your Liberal Education classes and lets us provide you with feedback.
  • Phase 2 (the final portfolio) is expected to showcase the work you’ve done in your major and see how far you’ve come since your first year of college. The combination of the midpoint and final portfolios is intended to provide you with the opportunity to connect the work you've done in the LE with the work you've done in your major and reflect on your total experience as a Westminster student.