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Executive Education

We have been helping people learn and develop new skills for over 125 years. We know that people learn more, understand ideas more completely, and more fully realize their potential if they are active participants in a process that is relevant to their needs and interests. And that is why our Executive Education program is...

  • Adapted to your business. Participants can use what they learn today in the workplace immediately.
  • Built around “coaches” not “teachers.” Other programs rely on the lecture model of education – instructors who tell people what to do and then expect them to do it. In our program, students work on real-world problems and receive feedback and support from Westminster faculty coaches. Their progress is evaluated by how well they can demonstrate what they’ve learned in their own work environment.
  • Uses coaches with real world experience. Westminster faculty have occupied executive offices as well as taught in classrooms. They have been coaches throughout their entire careers. They know what skills people need to succeed…and they know how to help them develop those skills.