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Westminster College National Fellowships and Scholarships  

Welcome! On these pages you will find descriptions of and links to a variety of prestigious scholarships and fellowships available to Westminster students. There are links to pages with advice on how to produce a competitive application, how to find the right match for your interests and who to contact for more information. Whatever your future plans are, scholarships and fellowships are one way to achieve them.

The Office of Fellowship advising can help you-

  •  Identify career goals
  •  Make informed choices about achieving your goals 
  •  Find service and research opportunities
  •  Improve your writing and interviewing skills 
  •  Plan for graduate school and life after Westminster

National scholarships and fellowships are prestigious awards. They are very competitive, but can provide financial support for undergraduate or graduate studies, research, and international study. Unlike financial aid, most fellowships and scholarships are merit based. You are chosen because of your academic record and your resume. If you wish to be competitive for one of these awards, it is important that you start early in order to build the sort of impressive resume needed. You should align all your work, service and research experience with your career goals. For more information about service, you should visit the Center for Civic Engagement. For employment, the Career Center and the Start Center have many resources. And for research, you should visit the Undergraduate Research website.

Applying for national fellowships and scholarships requires a fairly large time commitment. Carefully investigate the scholarships that interest you and be sure to read the fine print. Many target specific populations or have particular restrictions about who can apply. Once you find a scholarship that seems right for you, don’t delay in setting up a meeting with either the faculty advisor or the Fellowship Advisor. In most cases, you should allow several months for writing applications, obtaining recommendations, and preparing the application package.

The Office of Fellowship Advising was created to provide a central location for information on distinguished, prestigious, merit-based scholarships for Westminster College students. The office is in Converse Hall, office 210A, and the phone number is 801.832.2327. Students are welcome to stop in to talk about scholarships and fellowships, Mondays through Fridays, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Please call or send an email to make an appointment.  For further information, please contact Tim Dolan, Westminster's Fellowships Director.

Fellowship Links

There are many types of fellowships available. You may search for scholarships and fellowships on this site by class year of application, field of study, international location, and defined populations. Web sites put up by the individual fellowship organizations have the most up to date information. Check out the other resources for more information and tips about applying for fellowships.


 Most of the following scholarship/fellowship information has been edited from:

 Bohlman, Paul A., and Adonica Lui. The Harvard College Guide to Grants, 12 ed. Cambridge: Harvard University, 2003.

The Guide has a larger more detailed description and should be consulted if you have questions, or are looking for suggestions.