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Submitting Video Assignments

There are several ways to submit a video as an assignment in Canvas:

  1. Use a laptop or computer with a webcam to record directly into Canvas
  2. Record a video using any device, move it to a computer and upload it as a media recording
  3. Use an iPhone with the Canvas app to record and submit video.

Record using a webcam and/or laptop

  1. Login to Canvas and go to the assignment you are submitting.
  2. Click on the “Submit Assignment” link (on the right side of the page)
  3. Click on the “Media” tab
  4. Click on the “Record/Upload media” button
  5.  If you have a webcam and microphone you will get a notification message asking if you want to allow your camera and microphone to be shared. Click “Allow”.
    1.  Note: it can occasionally take a minute for it to recognize your webcam/microphone. It is best to be patient and wait for it to come up.
  6. Enter a title for your video, then click on the video image to begin recording.
  7. Click on the video image to end the recording. It will begin to playback. Click “Save” or re-record.

Submit a recorded video file

  1. Get the video loaded onto the desktop computer. Depending on the device, these steps will be different.  You can upload almost any standard video format into Canvas.
  2. Login to Canvas and go to the assignment you are submitting.
  3. Click on the “Submit Assignment” button (on the right side of the page)
  4. Click on the “Media” tab (DO NOT CLICK “CHOOSE FILE”).
  5. Click on the “Record/Upload media” button
  6. You might be prompted to allow a webcam, you can click allow.
  7. Click on the “Upload Media” tab.
  8. Click on the “Select Video File” button.
  9.  Browse for the video file and upload the file. It can take a few minutes to upload if it is a large file or if you are on a slow internet connection. When it is finished the upload dialog box will disappear.
  10. Click on the “Submit Assignment” button.
  11. It might take a few minutes to a few hours for the video to be converted so that it can be played back by the instructor.