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Dropbox and Cloud Applications

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a free, web-based data sharing application that works well with Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android and other systems. See below for a description from the makers of Dropbox:

Let's get started!

First, go to www.Dropbox.com to get a further description and to obtain the free download. On your phone, go to the apps store (iPhone, iPad, Android, ect) to download and install the application. For a brief introduction, see this video from Youtube:

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Follow the instructions and read the PDF file tutorial provided by the Dropbox startup:
See attached files below.

Create a folder and share it with your friends or collegues by sending them an e-mail invitation. Once you have the folder set up, click the shared folder options in the Dropbox website to e-mail an invitation. Once the invite is accepted, then your friend will receive instant updates of any files added or edited in that folder.

Happy sharing!


How can Dropbox be used in education?

Dropbox makes collaborating with other collegues easier by sharing documents instantly with all connected devices and folders for everyone sharing a particular folder. Once you drop a document (photo, Word doc, video, etc) in a shared folder then everyone instantly receives a notification that a document has been added, edited in their Dropbox. It immediately becomes viewable for your use. You can link your phone or iPad or multiple computers to the same resources and continue your work from anywhere you go. You can share and upload documents anywhere you have an internet connection.

Have students drop completed projects into a shared folder to turn in assignments: audio/ video files, Power Points or any type of document you wish to use. It is quick and easy to network and updates post immediately.

Teaching a World Language? Have students record themselves on their computer, iPad, even their own phones and immediately upload their spoken language for critique or evaluation. Have them turn in documents for term papers or research projects quickly and easily so you can even grade them on the run!

Teaching Art? Students could take photos of their work and send it to you for quick formative assessments and guidance. You could even load their photo, edit it for suggestions and step by step instruction.

The possibilities are limited by your creativity and resourcefulness!


What is Cloud App?

The Cloud application is a Macintosh based (now also available for PC via Fluffy App) program that allows you to store files "in the cloud" of the internet and will allow you access your files from any computer, iPhone, iPad with internet access.

Let's get started!

First, go to Mac App Store to obtain the free download. On your phone, go to the apps store (iPhone, iPad, Android, ect) to download and install the application. For a brief introduction, see this video from Youtube:


How can Cloud be used in education?

Cloud in primarily a program for personal use, though you can open up files and unlock them for shared use. The primary application for education would be in helping students to upload their work to Cloud so that they do not have to worry about carrying a flash drive, e-mailing updates or worrying about a misplaced phone, iPad or computer. Once a file is uploaded into your Cloud, you can access it anywhere from any computer where you have internet service. Have students used it to store projects 'under construction' from working at the library to home to the classroom. It makes finding the files easy and eliminates a lot of the worry in transporting the technology.

Students can work on Power Point presentations (or any other program) and save their progress into Cloud and pick up their work where they left off when they get home or show up to class the next time. Once files are finished they can be unlocked for sharing or students can drop them into dropbox to share with their instructor.

For more information:





For a related experience in file sharing see Mac iCloud: